I’m going to call this day one even though it’s only half a day.

We flew into Liberia, Costa Rica on Tuesday Feb. 2nd. We immediately were hit with the heat. Holy cow it was hot.  So much for 12 inches of snow at home. We were herded through customs like a cattle.  It was so crazy, but we didn’t have to wait long so I’d guess that was good.  This was the first time TNT and I have ever been out of the US so we had no idea what to expect.


Our first stamps in our passports!


And we soon found out just how loca the roads/drivers were. We were put on a bus that had the AC going full blast, thankfully!  The bus rocked back and forth on the super narrow streets.  People walked along the edge of the blacktop and it didn’t phase them one bit that we were inches from hitting them. I was by the window and kept grabbing TNT’s knee when things got close.  There was even a guy herding his brahman cattle herd along the road. Just like you see on TV.  I get motion sickness pretty easy and I had to keep a close eye on the distance so I didn’t get sick.  We were very surprised at the way they lived. Very small houses/shacks.  The people with more money had glass in their windows.  They hung their clothes on the barb wire fence where the brahma cow was kept in the corral. Dust flying over the clothes. Seeing the way they live makes me very thankful for what we have.  Puts your life in persepective when you see that. This was one of the nicer houses that had windows and paint.IMG_0932

It is their winter now but being this close to the equator doesn’t mean jack basically.  The temps all week were in the mid 90’s.  Their air is more humid than it is at home, but I don’t think after that first day it was that humid. This is their dry time of the year and the land def looked like it could use a good drink of rain. I’m sure in the rainy season it is very pretty green and very humid!

This is the country side that is pasture for their very scrawny cattle herd. IMG_0930

I took this with my phone so it is hard to see but this little shack had no glass in the windows and no doors.  The thing I noticed when we could see in a shack it was clean.  Just because they live like that doesn’t mean they are dirty.  Some places, just like in the US are trashy, but for the most part people keep their property fairly clean.IMG_0935

We landed in Liberia (A) and traveled an hour by bus to the resort (B). It looks far from the beach but it was only a 10 min walk.


After an hour bus ride we arrived at the Westin Golf Resort & Spa. Even though there was a bus load of people luggage pickup and check in was super fast. We were on a little shuttle pickup to take us to our room.  We were in the perfect spot on the resort about 4 blocks from the stores, resturants and pool.

Our room is on the top left.  AC going full blast when we walked in! We did not turn the thing off once.


Notice a cerveza in TNT’s hand already? lol IMG_0902

We walked around and scoped out the place as soon as we arrived.  TNT found the bar right away and I chugged a bottle of water.  That evening we had cocktail hour at 5 and then supper at 6:00 with the seed group in the Mitra which is the international buffet. We met up with the group from the night before. I turned in about 8:30 and TNT went to the bar for a few beers, but he was in the room by 10. Said he met another seed dealer from South Dakota.  I think there was 160 some with this seed company. Some were families of the owner, some were regional/district managers, employees and then the rest and majority were seed dealers like TNT.

One couple is from Colorado and another from Nebraska that we really got along with and spent most of our days/evenings with.  There was another couple who live 50 miles from us that we sat with at supper a few times also.  They went on a lot of the excursions each day so there was only one day we spent the day with them.


2016 Week 6

Sunday we flew out of Denver at 7:00am and landed in Houston at 11.  I took a nap in the afternoon since we were at the airport by 4:00am. :(  That evening we met in the sports bar with the other couples from CO & NE that would be going on the trip with us.  TNT sells corn seed for a company and this trip was through them. We didn’t stay out late though since we had to be on the shuttle to the airport by 4:30am.IMG_0896

We arrived in Costa Rica around 1:00 and after going through customs and a crazy hour drive to the resort we arrived around 3pm. Our room is the top floor on the left. Our room was really nice and I’ll do  more detailed posts. It was so hot that first day. The sweat just dripped off me, but since we had a welcome gathering at 5 I didn’t see the point of jumping in the pool.IMG_0900

So this would be the ocean! IMG_0914

And this would be my mom’s driveway back in Kansas.  I heard 12 to 14 inches of snow with lots of drifting. Oh and all flights out of Denver were cancelled at noon on Monday so it was a good thing we left when we did.  We were all supposed to leave on the 5:50 flight to Houston, but everyone was able to get out early. Phew!


Thankful that the seed company paid for internet in our rooms so we were able to Facetime iphone family at home.  I talked to my dad and at first all I saw was his cheek.  He didn’t realize it was facetime. LOL


We went to a little town about 30 miles from the resort. Once again those people drive NUTS! TNT on the beach.IMG_0925

Us before supper one night.


I had talapia one night. The food was okay. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food but I did try stuff.IMG_0946

Friday we went on a catermeran and tried snorkeling.  I didn’t fair so well and got sick. The wind was blowing like it does in KS so the water was VERY rough. I was okay once I stepped on land and had some food.  It was brutal.  And in my sickness I didn’t reapply sunscreen so I got burned. I felt so bad I didn’t even care.


We left the resort at 4:30 and flew out of Liberia, Costa Rica. We landed in Denver at 5:00 and got home at 8:30ish just in time to watch Cam Newton throw the game.

2016 Week 5

We just got back from vacation last night and had to leave early last week so I missed a week post.  I’m catching up so play along with the week of Jan. 27th.

My boss was gone from work the week of the 27th and it was so crazy.  The baggers couldn’t get anything right so it was a major PITA to scan their pallet tags to her and she’d get on her laptop in Virginia to remove. Then add in month end that I had to get done before I left.  Craziness!

Mildred burned herself on a pot of boiling potatoes.  Doctor said it was 3rd degree. :(


Saturday was a day of pampering for me!  I had a mani/pedi and traveled with Mildred to try out spray tans.  We had a great day and look at my crazy nails.  PINK? I’m a beige girl so it was crazy to see my fingers this bright.IMG_0879

A big storm was moving our way Monday so TNT and I headed to Denver early Sunday morning to try to get a flight to Houston. We did NOT want to miss a flight to Costa Rica!! Yep you read that right! Costa Rica.  We went to the airport to try to get on a flight on Sunday, but only one seat was available.  The ticket lady at United was super nice and gave us a phone number to call any of the hotels on Tower road for a room. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Suites for $85. Normal rate is $160+. We were very happy with that.

We had all afternoon to spare so we went to the Bass Pro Shop. Want to know the arguement TNT and I had on Saturday night. He had no kakhi shorts and no “beachy” clothes and was mad when I suggested he should have ordered some a few weeks ago.  (The resturants on the resort don’t allow jeans, they are beach casual/formal.)  At the Bass Pro TNT found two pairs of kahki’s and then we went to Macy’s and and found this outfit. I still can not believe he tried it on. OMG! If you knew my husband this would just kill you. I told him he should be preppy for this trip and seriously I died when he posed. OMG! I can not believe he actually did it. We didn’t buy anything at Macy’s but found some semi-beachy shirts at JC Penney’s.


Old Friends

My good friend Derek and his partner Mark were back from Washington, DC for a visit with Derek’s gma.  We always get together and it is like no time has gone past.  We bitch about kids today and reminisce about the good ole days. Everyone needs friends like him!

Drall_0008 copy

We became friends because he was the trainer for our basketball team. I remember during summer league games I’d sit on his mom’s kitchen counter for him to take my arches. Then Derek started working at Dairy Queen with me and our friendship really bloomed.  He will always be one of my dearest friends.

Hello, We are Spoiled

Hello I am Tails. I do nothing all day but lay on the furniture and eat expensive food.  I enjoy sleeping on my mom’ s pillow at night and occasionally hacking up a hairball on the freshly laundered bed.ctownsp_OBC_0035


Hello, my name is Sonic and I am an all around pain in the ass!



(Sonic will sit with his upper body up on my chest and his legs on the arm rest. He will lean his head back so I will kiss him. Sweetest thing ever.)ctownsp_OBC_0018

It’s a good thing I’m super cute and cuddly otherwise I’d be outside back in the barn.ctownsp_OBC_0026

French Dip Sandwiches

I have a sport session tonight so instead of leaving TNT to fend for himself I planned to throw meat in the crock pot for french dip sandwiches.

I ate breakfast this morning and was running late when I realized I should be a good wife and start the crock pot. When I make french dip I use a packet of Au Jus and pour over the top of the thinly sliced meat.  I grabbed the packet laying on the counter and tore it open.  I noticed the smell was more like the hot wing mix. Sure enough.  Can’t make french dip with buffalo wing mix…..

I bagged this up and he will have french dip tonight. Maybe I should have left it and he’d been surprised! d


Living Remodel Reveal

Finally got the chance to take some pictures of the living room.  ctownsp_OBC_0003



The electric fireplace TNT put in.  The only thing missing about it is it doesn’t have a crackling sound. You’d think with all the other features it has it would crackle.ctownsp_OBC_0009


I really like it and would rather spend my time in this room than the basement where TNT likes to spend the evenings……



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