I don’t want to be creative today so I’m stealing from Jessica at Kessler Kraziness.

Four Names People Call Me Other Than My Name: 
1.  Margie
2. Honey
3.  My maiden name (sorry won’t post that here)

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
1. Dairy Queen crew leader
2.  Wheat Harvest Crew cook
3. Volleyball and basketball referee
4. Front Desk clerk at Days Inn

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:
1.  The Goonies
2.  Somethings Gotta Give
3.  Signs
4.  Legally Blonde

Four Books I Recommend:
1.  Patricia Cornwell Scarpetta Series
2.  Michael Connelly Bosch Series
3.  Stephanie Bond Body Movers series
4.  Tasmina Perry (all)

Four Places I’ve Visited:
1.  Orlando, FL
2.  Las Vegas, NV
3. Boone, IA
4.  San Antonio, TX

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right Now:
1.  At Home
2.  At Home
3. At Home
4. At Home

Four Things I Don’t Eat:
1.  Anchovies
2.  Spicy Food
3.  Cooked spinach
4.  Fried eggs (scrambled, yes, fried, no)

Four of My Favorite Foods:
1.  Beef Jerky from No Mans Land
2.  Prime Rib
3.  Olive Garden salad dressing
4.  Tomatoes

Four TV Shows I Watch:
1.  Scandal
2.  Big Bang Theory
3.  Golden Girls
4.  Orange is the New Black

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year:
1.  Enjoying a week of vacation at home.
2.  Going to the lake
3.  My bff’s son’s senior year! (Sr. pics, Sr. class fball pictures, his football games)
4.  Summer

Four Things I’m Always Saying:
1. Sonic go lick your butt you stink.
2.  Molly be nice to Sonic
3.  Sonic leave Tails alone.
4.  I shouldn’t eat this I want to lose weight…..squirrel.

2015 Week 16

*Monday night brought bad storms. We didn’t get a drop but I watched this cloud drop a tail a few times.  *Friday it was the Art Walk and I had my display ready, but then the clouds moved in and kept people away.  *Storm that was over the town my mom lives in. She just got rain, thankfully.  *Mildred helped me clean up at the art walk and then she spent the night at our house. Molly did not want to share her bed!  *Saturday morning we got our new trees and I thought this was a cool shot.  *Sat afternoon our neighbors came over to the inlaws and the 10 of us work for 4 hours and got all 164 trees, weed guard and irrigation lines in. It was amazing have help. Love that neighbors help neighbors. *Sunday not only did TNT wake me up at 6:00 because it was raining but then Sonic wouldn’t let me go back to sleep. *We received 1.50″ of rain. So thankful, but keep it coming! *Sunday afternoon I watched the drama filled Royals vs A’s game. Glad the Royals won the series, but lots of drama.


What Molly does on a cool windy day?


And Tails?


And this PAIN IN THE BUTT? Spoiled rotten animals.


7th & 47th Anniversary

Last Friday TNT and I took his parents to a bed and breakfast in Colorado.  It’s about 100 miles from where we live. We were married on the 12th and my inlaws were married on the 13th so we celebrate together.  My MIL always asks how long TNT and I have been married so she knows to add 40 years onto whatever we have. lol

Yes I wore a dress and heels.


Here’s to 7 years!


And 47 to these crazy kids.


7thann_0123What TNT was doing while his parents were having fun. Stealing candy from the butler.


Appetizers during wine tasting.




There was a wedding going on at the same time so they set up a dinner in the wine cellar. It was perfect for us.  This is the dessert they served. To die for.  I sat with the inlaws for a while and when I got back to the room TNT was already asleep.  He was down for the night so I got in the jetted tub and relaxed. It was perfect.


TBT: Old Friend

Yesterday my family lost a dear friend.  Calvin, passed away after an 11 year fight with cancer and many other illnesses.  He was one of the good ones and this world has lost a shining star.  Calvin and my dad have worked together for 15 years so we’ve known Calvin for a long time.  However, when I married TNT, I became family with Calvin as he is a first cousin to my father in law.  Confused? When TNT and I got married 8 years ago Calvin and his wife were host and hostess and did a bang up job while supper was served.

So today for Throw Back Thursday I thought I’d share one of my favorite memories about Calvin.

Date: December 4, 2004

My dad, Calvin, my bff Susan all work together so we gathered up 2 other couples from their work and we all went to a steakhouse in a tiny little town about 50 miles from where we live.   I was the only one who didn’t work with them and also the only single one. So we had two goals for the evening. One to find me a man.  Which in itself is a whole post, but the main goal of the night was to celebrate Calvin being released from his doctors. In May 2004 he wasn’t supposed to recover and there we were 7 months later having a great time with him.

Calvin had bought this old van that one of the nursing homes had. It wasn’t much to look at but it could hold a lot of people and we all piled in.  My dad was driving since he had surgery on his hand and couldn’t drink. For once I didn’t have to be the DD so we all sat in the back and passed the bottle (I didn’t drink back then so I passed it on).  The meal was amazing  and on the way back home we had to make a pit stop.  We pulled into a convenience store to use the facilities.  As Calvin was climbing out of the van he used the fire extinguisher as a handle. Well the fire extinguisher fired and we were all covered in a cloud of white dust. I can still hear him laughing. It was so funny.

After everyone climbed back into the van Calvin got the great idea to stick the fire extinguisher hose out the window and spray it as we drove down main street of this small town.  There was a HUGE cloud of white dust all across town. It was the best.

The the first goal of the night, Celebrate with Calvin, a success, but so was finding Carrie a man. I met TNT that night when we went to the bar after we got back to town.

For the last 11 years Calvin has fought one hell of a battle which shows just what kind of man he was.  He will truly be missed and he will always hold a special place in my heart.  He was one of the good ones.

2015 Week 15

*I noticed my foot was hurting and when I investigated this wool fiber was sticking out of the bottom of my foot.  Of course we didn’t have a tweezers here at work so after working a while I finally pulled it out and it was almost instant relief.  *Playing this damn game. :(  *Friday I got my hair done at the salon for our anniversary trip.  *At the B&B I made TNT go to confession.  Not really there was a sauna in our room and he was trying to figure it out.  *After wine and so much food I sat in the tub for an hour relaxing. TNT was already in bed asleep. lol  *The bathroom had mirrors with a ring light so I took a selfie.  *Heading home. He is not wearing suspenders even though it looks like he is. lol *This dessert wine was amazing!! Tastes like caramel.  And not just caramel flavoring, but afterwards I felt like I had eaten real caramel. I bought a bottle. *I <3 that dog.


Sunday I cleaned the gutters.  I used the mower to haul the ladder. Even though it is aluminum it is quite heavy carrying it 60 yards to the back yard.  I had a good supervisor.


I was moving the ladder and saw these two planes. I freaked out a little, but TNT said they’ve been going over a lot. Military flying from CO Springs to Wichita.


Before and After Sonic

This guy is the shits! I mean it.


My bathroom before and after Sonic.  I use to mov the rugs once a week when I cleaned. Now I move them every time I go into the bathroom.


End table in the living room.  Every day I move everything back to its original place.


TBT: Bed Head

On my way to work the other morning I was following a bus that was stopping at a farm. It got me thinking.  Before my parents took over the bus route growing up (before we were on at 6:30 every morning) the bus would stop at our farm around 7:15. I was probably in first or second grade and one morning I remember my mom come flying through the house yelling, “The bus is here. The bus is here.”  I flew out of bed and rushed rushed rushed to get dressed.  We were standing by the front door with both of us putting my shoes on when I noticed the shadows of us on the wall.  I yelled, “Mom my hair. I can’t go to school like this.” That’s when my mother said, “Carrie that is my hair.” :)


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