When we were fishing with Dad on Sunday we had to cross the creek to get to the “good” side of the creek.  The first time we all crossed and it was just a little jump.  I believe everyone made it across with out getting muddy.  Unlike the last time we went and Mildred was wearing flip flops and skidded down the hill carrying her fishing pole, beer and tackle box.  She did no spill her beer though! Phew!  Anyway, we moved to a new area of the pasture and Dad and I hopped the creek and found the fishing was not very good on that side so we went back to cross the creek again.  Dad went across and got a little muddy.  Then it was my turn.  Just as I was getting ready to jump dad said something and I started laughing which meant I had no umph in my jump and landed right in the muddy stinky mess. I had smelly cow manure/stagnant creek water all over my shoes, legs and shorts. Dad, Mildred and Scottie B threatened to make me sit in the back of the pickup all the way home.  Luckily we all smelled bad so I was allowed in the pickup cab. ;)

Wheat Harvest 2015

We have been blessed this year with a decent wheat crop.  Some farmers are getting 20 bushels/acre of wheat and we are getting 40-50 bushels. For this year when we didn’t even think the crop would come up because of no rain it is a damn good year.

After I get off work in town I hurry home and relieve my MIL from the grain cart. Monday was the first night I did it and with 3 combines running I was a wreck. I felt like I was going to throw up I was so nervous.  I don’t mind the combines unloading on me while still moving, but it is unloading on the trucks that I hate. Two of the semi’s have tall exhaust stacks and I have to slip around them and still line up with the trailer. I hate it.  The first night I missed my first 2 attempts at lining up right, but Tuesday night it was better. I wasn’t nearly as nervous and things went smoothly.


One of the guys who is driving truck for us his wife brought supper for us.  This reminds me so much of growing up. We had every meal in the wheat field during harvest.  My inlaws don’t eat supper which means TNT and I don’t either. But last night Lisa had it for us and it was so good.


My nephew is driving combine this year and is doing a good job.


Right before supper my nephew tried to cross a dried creek bed, however it was not dry and he buried the combine.


In his defense the FIL opens up each field/terrace and he left the nephew and the other gal driving a combine to finish up a patch.  Well he said just follow my tracks. When he tried to cross the first time which was here he saw it was muddy so backed out and went another way.  Well the nephew saw his tracks and went for it.  Communication is not a high priority for my FIL and TNT.

TNT surveying the mess.


Water only runs through this area when we have a big rain.  This area has had 12 inches of rain since May so yeah things are going to be wet.




The FIL unhooked my tractor from the grain cart and with a tow rope him and TNT were able to get it out.  My husband so so  so so pissed.  I tried to hide, but they needed my help so I did not say a word.  While both my FIL and husband were dripping in sweat and pissed off I didn’t think it would be a good time to say, “If you had just waited and actually showed Tanner and Jamie where to cross the creek none of this would have happened.


We finished this field at 11:00 Tuesday night. I could hardly see because there was no wind and the dust just sat about waist high. Then add in the darkness and it was bad. I don’t know how the combine drivers could see.

The dust bunnies have taken over the crevice between your microwave and cabinet.  Then you panic and think how many of your guests last week saw this and thought, “jeez Carrie never cleans house.”


Fishing with Dad

For Father’s Day we planned a trip with my dad to go fishing.  It was a week later since we were all busy on Father’s Day. We met at my dad’s house at 9:00 and headed and hour east to my grandma’s pasture.

When we were growing up we lived just a mile from this pasture and our Sunday’s were spend fishing in these creeks.  When we moved an hour west we spent the summers at our grandparent’s farms and the gma who’s this pasture is would take us fishing all the time.  It wasn’t about what we caught but looking down the creek and seeing gma crouched down with her fishing hat and a bamboo pole. I swear I can still see her. When I come here and smell the grass, trees and even cow manure I am taken right back to those days when she was still with us.  This is my happy place.


I bought a new pole and it was a lucky charm as I caught 6 fish.


I had a carp on the line. It was the funniest thing. One area of the creek is full of carp and you can see them swim right by your line.  They will sniff it and swim away. Well I snagged one and it took off. It went to my left and then back to my right all before I could get it reeled to the bank. It happened so fast I couldn’t even reel.  Then I got it to the bank and snap. It broke my line.


This is a little bullhead catfish.  They don’t get as big as the ones people noodle.


So funny story I was the first to get my line in and so everyone walked by my honey hole to get to spots they thought were honey holes. Mildred’s bf, Scottie B, told me he felt like he was in the opening intro of the Andy Griffith Show walking with his fishing pole. So I snapped this of him.


You can see my dad to the far left and Mildy and Scotty B just off center.IMG_8603

My dad fixing my hook after the third fish in a row swallowed the hook.IMG_8599

My dad’s big catch of the day.




There is also exposed limestone that is so pretty.


Dad and Mildy.


2015 Week 26

*Sonic got a new toy in his meowbox so TNT just had to put it on him. *In this mewobox we got a catnip grinder. Just like a pepper grinder but with catnip. What will they think of next? *Tuesday night the combines were itchin’ to get in the field. *Wednesday I made fly catchers. OMG We have flies so terrible bad.  This is no lie my legs were black with flies while I was out for a walk I took a pic of it but I will spare you the grossness. Those homemade fly traps work too!! *Friday I kicked of my senior sessions with Miss Lacie! *Saturday I was doing laundry and when I reached in to grab the laundry baskets this little turd scared me. *Tails hanging out like a prince on my orange footstool.  *Saturday night after twin brothers senior session Sonic wanted to help upload pictures, but got caught in the cords under the monitor.  *Sunday, Mildred, her bf, my dad and I all went fishing in my grandma’s pasture.


*Dad caught a carp. Then I schooled everyone and caught 6 bullheads!! *Scottie B. *Dad and Scottie B packing up the pickup to move to another spot.  *Scottie B walking over yonder for better hole. *Sunday after I got home Sonic was all about the snuggles. *TNT called and asked me to come to the field for pictures. *Beautiful evening *Got home from the field at 11 and huge toads were out catching bugs under the yard light.


I did a little work in the garden over the weekend. I read that watering the plants from underground is a great way to save moisture during the hot days. I dug into my recycle bin and pulled out 23 1/2 gallon milk jugs and liter pop bottles. I then drilled small holes into the bottom and one on the side that would be closest to the plant.  Once that was done I dug a hole in the garden and buried the jug. This week we have 95 and up temps and my pumpkins have really taken off.  I like to think this new watering system has helped.   I didn’t take a pic of them when I was out last night, but this plant has grown a lot in 5 days.


I took the walls of water off over the weekend and caged up my tomatoes. I have one plant that isn’t looking too good, but the other 5 looks good.


I even spy fruit! :)  Tomatoes are my favorite garden product so this makes me super happy.  The one on the right is the size of a golf ball. There is NOTHING better than fresh from the garden tomatoes with Olive Garden dressing poured over it with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.


All 11 pumpkins are looking great.  The one on the right is the orange med sized pumpkin while the rest are specialty ones. :) My MIL also plants a lot of pumpkins so we decided to hold a fundraiser in the fall for the local animal shelter. People donate they get a pumpkins….


Two of my pumpkin plants are full of blooms. These are the two that I planted early.  *Molly hiding from the heat/flies while I work in the garden.


My potatoes got brown spot really bad.  The first batch I planted I bought at the grocery store and they got hit bad by brown spot.  The second planting I got from a friend that lives down in the Ozarks and those potatoes were looking beautiful, but then the brown spot jumped on them and now the fight is on. I’ve been spraying them with a fungicide.   Hopefully I was able to get it in time….. Potatoes are my second favorite garden product.  The skin is so thin and they are sooo darn good.


I have 4 cucumber plants out and they are full of blooms and tiny cucs, but there is with ONE 5″ sized cucumber!!! My bell pepper plant has one a little bigger than a gold ball.


I can not WAIT to start harvesting!!

Fish Eye

Cassie talked me into getting a fisheye lens for my camera.  The problem was it didn’t work that well on my full frame camera so I put it on Mildred’s crop sensor camera and it works just fine.



On the highway looking north.


To the west.


Then south.


Then to the east into our drive. This makes our driveway look so looooong.


I’m excited to use it Fri & Sat as I have 3 senior sessions.


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