Lodge Art

When Mildred and I went to Delaware back in 2012 we stayed a Victorian Bed and Breakfast on the beach.   They had all kinds of art work and we “recreated” some of it.  My FIL kept saying, Why am I doing this?  Then Mildred’s reenactment the dude had very surprised eyes.L&A

At the hunting lodge there was a lot of taxidermy and of course I knew we had to recreate it too! here are two geese flying peacefully over the water….And Scottie B and I.


A raccoon up in a tree lounging….as is Scottie B.


A bear all spread out on the wall (natural of course) and TNT spread out on the floor.


AND THEN……………………


A sweet duck floating on it’s back enjoying an adult beverage…..and Mildred!


Man we should of had dad do one too!! Darn it!

5:45AM came a little early on Saturday the 15th.  I had put a breakfast casserole in the crockpot so we chowed down on that.  I knew bathroom facilities would be limited so I only drank a cup of Coke.

Saturday morning was a little slow with only catching 4 fish.



See that bucket there by TNT? That is chum.  And it stinks to high heaven!!  The guides chum every night to get the catfish to a certain spot.  Then they take us to their honeyholes and we are supposed to pull fish in like crazy. However, two weeks before we arrived they had 10″ of rain and the lake rose 2 feet and all the catfish went other places.



So 6 hours on a boat with no facilities is not cool for girls.  The boys leaned over the side of the pontoon, but us girls had to hold it.  I was in a lot of pain by 1:00.



I think they felt bad because they took us out Saturday night again too.  I finally caught one!


Sunday morning we were out again at 6:45. Scottie B reeling one in and apparently my dad is not happy about it! lolIMG_9299




Mildred caught the biggest one at almost 8 pounds.  She yelled Oh SH*T when it broke the surface! lol





TNT warned Scottie B what he is getting in too!! LOL




This was the first time I’d been catfish fishing so it was all new to me.  You have a special lure and you dip it in this stuff.  Then you very carefully get it back to where you are sitting and either cast out your line or drop it straight down.  If you cast your line then dip the lure down in the water for 5 seconds so it cools the bait off and not as much will fall off when you cast and it hits the water. You want to continue to go to the same place each time because the stink bait is drawing the fish in to your location.


We came home with 5 gallon baggies of fish so I am happy with our trip….the only problem is TNT and I don’t eat fish! lol

My dad has been wanting to take us on a guided catfish tour for a long time now. We finally were able to do it on August 15 & 16th. We headed to Glen Elder, Kansas on Friday after work.


After we had supper at the bar in town (which was super good) we had to get our poles ready for our 6:45am boat ride. Those pictures did NOT turn out unfortunately.

The place we stayed used to be an assisted living center. Our guide bought the place 10 years ago and made it into a hunting lodge. It had two wings with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on each side.  Then they added on an entertainment room and a bedroom that sleeps 9. So this place can hold a lot of people.

Two of the bedrooms.


Entertainment area and looking down the hall to the south wing.


When we arrived Friday night we were told we’d be sharing the lodge with another group.  I was a little nervous about this since we didn’t know this for one and two how will everyone get along?  Well that idea was squashed when Tate walked in the door. I said hey you are Tate……. and he looked at me like who is this crazy old woman. I said I took your state wrestling pictures last February.  His mom and I went to HS together.  His step-dad was a very good customer of TNT’s tool business.  TNT and his dad stayed up till 1:30 BS’ing Friday night. It was a great time.

Kitchen and dining room.


2015 Week 33

I have been so busy I don’t even have time to take cell phone pictures.

Here’s a few from last week.  Tails & Sonic waiting for 7:00 so they can have food….notice the timer on the auto feeder says 5:58.


I had a session with a cowboy on Wednesday night.  Might be the best one of the 2016 seniors yet. He had his horses and this kid is the best!


Saturday night it was Back to School pictures and my bff Susan and her sweetie came to help.  Shaylee and I! <3


Sunday night I did a session with Brady and his fellow Senior fball teammates.  It was a bit chaotic with the ford dealership not having a pickup for me to use like they had promised, but it all worked out.

I’m making a 45×90 banner to hang at the fball field.


Today is Brady’s 18th. Where has the time gone? With these pictures I’m making 30×40 signs to put in the parents’ yards.  So far they are a big hit!


2015 Week 33

It was one of those weeks where I was busy busy and didn’t even take pictures until Friday.  There is a Flea Market shop in in town and they posted this piece on Fb. 15 min later I had it in my car.  It is 5′ tall and I haven’t the slightest idea where I’ll put it but I’m in love with it.  I got it for $75 which I felt is a steal.


Friday night TNT, Mildred, Scottie B and my dad all headed 2 1/2 hours east to Glen Elder, KS for out guided catfish fishing trip.


I will do more about this trip, but here are a few highlights. My dad must not have been happy about Scottie B’s catch. lol


me, Mildy and TNT.


Mildred’s almost 8 pound catfish.  She caught the biggest one out of our group.  She said HOLY SHIT when it busted out of the water.


I hope to get a post up tomorrow, but I have 5 sessions in 7 days and I’m running ragged. Plus I’ll have 20 little/big kids at my house on Saturday for back to school pictures.  It is always a crazy time.

2015 Garden Update

My pumpkins are going crazy. Some of the plants are waist high and they are producing so many pumpkins.


Specialty pumpkins are looking great and they have started growing up into the cedar trees.


I don’t know why this makes me laugh, but there are pumpkins in trees!.  I will be picking watermelons I’d guess in the next two weeks. Tomatoes are just about ready to be a regular picking and cucumbers I’m picking about a dozen a night.  My non garden friends are loving all the cucumbers I’m bringing to town for them.


2015 Week 31

*A year ago this week that I was bottle feeding this tiny wittle kitty that we didn’t know if it would live.  *Friday night before the storms moved in a client snapped this of me taking a pic of his daughter.  *The rains hit and I was at the inlaws house for pics and it got muddy fast.  I hurried home before it got too bad, but my poor car got dirty. First time I’ve driven it in the mud. *This little guy is now a year old. *He spend Saturday snuggling with me and *molly. *Saturday night I had another senior session with a kid I’ve known forever. Thanks to his mom for this shot. *Sunday one of TNT’s friends posted this shot from their wedding.  He was the best man.


Sonic found the TP roll………. IMG_9138


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