To my wonderful cousin Cassie’s High School Graduation!!IMG_8137

You’d see.

The tractor and corn/soybean planter.


The combine.


A cow leg bone. Molly found it at the inlaws farm and wouldn’t get in the pickup without it so we brought it home for her.


With all the rain we’ve been having we go through a lot of shoes. So we wash them with the hose then set here to dry.


100’s of these little guys everywhere.  Hopefully they will keep down the mosquito population with all the water around mosquitoes might be a problem this year.


2015 Week #21

*Tuesday was my nephew’s 8th grade graduation. Here he is with my inlaws.  *We had a beautiful rain on Tuesday with 2.05″ falling! Whaaaahooooo!  Lake T was back in our yard. lol *Started reading this book again.  Only the 4th time I’ve read it.  So So good!  Highly recommend it!! *Thurs & fri I took off work and Thurs morning we had our first sun in a week and I found this big dude sunning itself in my flower garden on the porch. Startled me until I realized it was a friendly bullsnake and not a rattler.  *I helped TNT clean out three buildings. *We moved those barrels TNT is moving in the previous pic to the old place so I drove the little tractor a mile east to unload them. *Molly got a barkquet of flowers and she went to town on those stuffing filled goodies.


*Friday morning it was raining again so I popped open a beer at 9am to…..*make a cake! :)  I didn’t think it was very good. I do NOT like beer and I could def taste the beer.  *Friday at noon TNT came in for lunch then laid down for a nap. As you can see he had to share the bed.  *TNT took this shot of Sonic napping with Molly’s flower.  *Sat afternoon TNT and I went over the inlaws farm and boy was it muddy. This road was torn apart by oil trucks going in and out. A few places trucks (semis) got stuck and had to be pulled out with a track so the roads were crap.  *TNT washing the RZR.  *Sunday it was really drizzly in the morning and then in the afternoon we had SUN!!! *I had to put the straw in my wagon since the fields were too wet to drive on. *Sunday night we pigged out on kabobs. OMG SO GOOD!


TBT ~ Chemistry Lab

Two weeks ago my niece was in Chemistry class doing end of the year projects.  They were making smoke bombs and my niece was stirring the chemicals when Ka-BOOM it exploded.  She thought she’d gotten burned, but luckily no one was hurt. It even made the news.

Let’s go back 14 years to my sophomore year at community college to my chemistry class.  I should tell you Chemistry was a nightmare for me.  I just couldn’t get it. Give me animal science or ag science and I was golden, but chemistry was horrible for me.  That year my lab partner was a foreign kid, Raj, from Jamaica who ran cross country and track. His English wasn’t very good so of course he was my partner.  Luckily I had made friends with Kellan and Ed and even though we were supposed to do our experiments on our own we all kind of worked together. Thank goodness for them or I wouldn’t have made it through that class.

One of our experiments involved sodium. Doc showed us how to properly flake off with a scalpel so Raj saw that.  We were supposed to slice a sliver off the larger piece Doc had.  I sent Raj with Kellan to get a piece. Kellan always helped Raj with that side of the lab while Ed and I did the paperwork.  I was thinking Raj would see the sliver that Kellan got and he’d do the same.  Nope.  Raj comes walking back to our lab station and has a piece the size of a large pea.  For those that don’t know sodium reacts violently with H2O. Well I see this huge piece in the test tube and I tell him to go put it back just as it starts to smoke. Kellan and Ed freak out and the next thing I know Raj throws the sodium and test tube into the sink. The test tube breaks and then KA-BOOOOOM. We all hit the deck.  Doc comes running over and starts yelling at me because I didn’t watch my partner close enough. Are you freaking kidding me? Raj stood there laughing while Kellan, Ed and I tried to settle our nerves. We were not pleased.  I can laugh now, but I was sure angry when that happened.

Toward the end of the semester I went up to grab a beaker from a box in front of Doc’s desk. I bent down and Doc had used a broken stir stick as a bookmark and it cut me right above my eyebrow. I was bleeding.  I walked back to my lab station and said I think I cut myself. Kellan instantly went white and Ed’s like lets get you to the bathroom. LOL  It was more like a deep scratch as I didn’t need stitches.

I wonder what happened to Kellan and Ed. We sure had a lot of fun in class.

Garden 2015

Every year I tell myself I do NOT have time for a garden so I’ll just put out a tomatoes and cucumbers.  But this year I decided to go full blown.  I have 6 tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, 6 hot peppers of various types, 4 sweet/bell peppers, 3 pumpkins, 2 watermelons, 5 1/2 rows of potatoes, 4 rows of onions, 2 long rows of green beans and radishes.

This was the before picture back in March after TNT had worked the field for me. Last summer we were growing wheat in this area and TNT sprayed it in the Fall to keep any volunteer wheat from coming up. The problem with that is we didn’t know we were moving the garden to here so he sprayed Atrazine which leaves a residue for the following year.  It’s great for stubble fields (harvested wheat) but bad if you want to put a garden in stubble field. oops.  I haven’t noticed a problem with my plants being stunted or not growing so I think we are in the clear.


My dad always has the best of luck with his tomatoes. He uses raised garden beds and I’ve tried wooden raised beds but being out on the farm there isn’t much to cut down on the hot wind so the raised beds dried out faster than I could water.  This year he gave me 3 bags of the soil mix he uses in his beds.  I created a makeshift raised bed with cinder blocks and filled them with the soil mix. I dug a hole and put gallon milk jugs below the surface. I read that you don’t want to get water on the leaves of the plant so I’m going to try this.  I drilled holes into the jugs so the water will be released slower than if I was standing there with a hose.  Right after I planted the tomatoes I filled those jugs up and the next day I noticed the soil was wet which is exactly what I wanted.  I also put my trusty walls of water around them. These things are such a pain in the butt to put up but to me so worth it.


I fill the soil about an inch from the top of the cinder block.


Inside the walls-of-water. My own little greenhouse.


Here are I am planting my green beans. I had planted spinach a few weeks ago but nothing came up so I planted the beans in the same spot. These guys run the whole length of the garden. About 30 feet. I think the spinach didn’t come up because a few days after I planted them we had a heavy rain.  I’ve noticed there are a few clusters that came up, so I think the seeds washed to one area.


My radish bouquet.  I then went in and planted more green beans on the north side of the garden where the radishes were.  These also run 30 or so feet.

*notice the scar on my hand? Sonic was sitting on my lap and something scared him so he spun out with his back claws on my hand.  Took forever to heal and now a crappy scar. :(


Potatoes, onions, potatoes, sweet/bell peppers, cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes, hot peppers & pumpkins.  Then the green beans run in the two trenches along the sides.


First harvest of the season! I was afraid I had let them get too big and they’d be hot, but the small ones were very hot. I had to spit one of them out.


2015 Week #20

I watched a few episodes of the Mad Men marathon. Here’s from the first season when it was still good.  I thought after Betty & Don divorced it lost a lot. :(  *It has either been very windy or drizzly where I haven’t been able to mow for 2 weeks. This is what was waiting for me Friday night.  *Saturday was graduation for my niece and afterwards my mom and I did a little shopping. I found these treats for Molly. They reminded me of the cookies my gma always had.  *My husband thinks it is time for me to give up my wool socks.  I can’t. *Sunday I cleaned house, did laundry and got my garden in. *While I was doing this these two were sleeping….I did get a 3 hour nap later…. *Older sibling revenge. LOL  *My peonies are a bloomin’ and this is the correct way to smell them. Stick your nose in.  *Sunday night I picked radishes.


TNT and I with his niece the graduate!


My mom with TNT’s niece.  I am super lucky that my side of the family is welcomed into my inlaws family. So it’s common to see my family at functions for my inlaws side.



Last night I had the weirdest dreams!! I mean weirdest.

This is what really happened…not a dream. I got home from the baseball game around 9. I showered and wasn’t ready to go to bed so I texted with Mildred for a while.  Then I went to the bathroom and as I was taking care of business (with the lights off not to wake TNT) when weird lights were flashing across the window.  I’m pretty sure it was a car and their headlights beaming through the trees, but my mind ran wild and I just knew someone was out there with flashlight looking in our windows.  So I stood at the kitchen window standing real low watching. Of course I didn’t see anything, but that didn’t stop my mind from not thinking that once I went to bed.

Dream #1

On my way into town to work I dreamed that there were cops everywhere. When one stopped me I asked what was going on and she said, “there was some people walking around farms shining flashlights into people’s houses and then going inside.” Freaked me out since I knew I had seen flashlights in my back yard. It was real!

Dream #2

Mildred and I were going to a charity hair cutting event.  The chair was at the Oakley 83 & 40 intersection and the chair was set up behind a shed.  I was standing in line and took a phone call.  When I turned back to the line there was like 15 people in front of me. I was so mad so I left and went to a salon downtown.

Dream #3 (my thoughts in non-dream state in)

Mildred was a teacher at OHS and she wanted me to go to school with her for a meeting.  We were sitting in this room and the teachers start coming in with students and it’s a huge party.  While that is going on my friend Kels leans over and says she’s pregnant. Which I’m trying to figure out what the party is about and trying to figure out how Kels and her life partner pulled that one off when she says it’s so weird since no sperm was swapped, we didn’t go to a sperm bank…… WTF!! (that should have woken me up right then).  So then my attention is brought back to the party and my sister leans over and says the CHS people are leaving now (not sure why CHS people were at the OHS school). I said okay.  I was watching the party again then I noticed Mattie was gone (This chick was at the adult prom and didn’t want any pics of her on FB…which was the first time I’d ever met her). I asked MIldred about it and she starts yelling at me that she told me all the CHS people were leaving and there was no way for me to get home since they had left. I ran out to the parking lot and Mildred’s car was boxed in and no way to get out.

Do I need to head to the loony bin? LOL  I did have a hot dog for supper……


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