Molly vs. the Rabbit

On Sunday I just happened to walk by the patio door when I saw a rabbit hopping across the cement slab. Then I saw Molly at the top step.  They both just stood there eyeing each other.  Either wanted to move, but I grabbed my phone and somehow took this shot before Molly took off like a streak.  Molly is not a good hunting dog so this close encounter was a major deal!


2015 Week 13

*Tuesday was the highlight of 2015 with Garth Brooks. Amazing! Awesome. More than we could have ever imagined.  *Wednesday we shopped, ate, shopped.  My mom was checking out the fish at Bass Pro Shop.  Mildred and I each scared the crap out of her. LOL  *Wednesday night my heirloom seeds arrived so I got them started in my indoor greenhouse.  *Thursday night I bought a new beta for the office.  *Saturday TNT and I worked on irrigation lines.  *On Saturday I had a haircut with Mildred and before I went there I stopped at a flea market and found this camera.


*I was tired after helping TNT, but knew if I sat down I would fall asleep so I headed outside and raked pine needles for 3 hours.  Took 7 loads on the skid steer to remove all of them.  *Sonic watching over his minion.  *I even got to drive the skid steer on one trip. TNT had the easy job while I was doing manual labor.  *Made these steaks Sat night. Was pretty good. *Sunday I started on my Easter dessert. Triple layer chocolate cake.  *Sunday was terribly windy so I hid in the house in my pj’s, but TNT called at 2 and said he needed help.  That was the only reason I got out of my pj’s!


This is the water line for our irrigation wells and the old T was rusted so TNT had to dig it out to fix.


Finally around 6:00 the wind died down enough to be manageable so I headed out to my newly tilled garden to plant my potatoes.


I got 4 rows in and I think I want two more.  I know they’ll be coming out of my ears, but homegrown potatoes are so good.


Tried a selfie with Jessica’s hat.


2015 Week 12

*Monday I went with my mom to an appointment and while I waited I watched this big guy. Everytime I see a fish like this I think of Deuce Bigalow. *My pretty Taily Bogs. *Sonic posing for me. *Tails got shaved on Wednesday. *Still pretty just naked.  *Sonic was not real sure what this thing I brought home was. It smells like Tails, but sure doesn’t look like Tails. *March Madness started on Thursday.  BBall for 12 hours a day!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!  *The MeowBox came. *Sonic loves sitting in the windows even if it is on my kitchen counter. Grrr


*Saturday dad and I went to Nebraska to this family owned grocery store.  They mislabeled their prime rib at $3.99/lb and they saved us two slabs.  I bought $401 worth of groceries. Yes sounds like a lot but in my hometown it would have been doubled if not more than that.  *My dad and his cart.  *After we got back to town the real work started with Dad and I vacuum sealing all the meat.  *I took him out for lunch and saw this sign. Make me laugh.  *Sunday I deep cleaned the house and vacuumed all the windows. I wish wash them this weekend.  Sonic thought this was pretty cool to be in the window.  *Saturday night I had an engagement session for this super sweet girl.  Her fiance told me he liked pictures and whatever I wanted to do he was game…..I almost dropped my camera in shock over that. lol  *This is what my office looks like.  How can I get any work done?


I received a Lakeside Collections magazine last night and noticed something that just isn’t quite right.  They claim this potato bag will make potato growing really easy………Notice the plant coming out of the top. That is a philodendron and not a potato plant.  Wouldn’t they know gardeners would notice this?


Same plant hanging on my office wall.


Sonic the Peeper

My friend Shea came out last Tuesday night for her maternity pictures. She’s also a photog so I made us supper and we talked shopped until 10:30. Anyway, she wore a long flowy dress for her pictures and when she came in the house Sonic thought this was the best toy ever.  He would run then slide under her dress.  Then once under it he would jump out so you’d see his paws on the outside of her skirt. I was dying.  Shea isn’t a cat person, but she did laugh.

We sat down to eat and he still wouldn’t leave her alone. Had to be right by her all the time. Finally she said, “Sonic you are kind of ornery.”  If she only knew just how ornery he really was.

This doesn’t go with the header but this happened last night and it is so funny I have to share.

As I was getting ready for bed TNT came in and asked where the cats were.  I told him Tails was in his closet (where his food and litter box are) and Sonic was in his closet eating.  They both have kitty doors on their closets to go in and out. Well TNT knocked on Sonic’s closet and asked what he was doing. Then TNT got down on his hands and knees and opened the kitty door. He was being stupid and talking to Sonic while peering in the dark closet when all the sudden I see these two furry arms come out of the kitty door and reach for TNT.  This is when TNT almost hit the ceiling.  Scared the crap out of him and then he started laughing.  When TNT laughs really hard it sounds like a giggle. Of course I was almost laying on the floor laughing. We went to bed and TNT falls asleep as soon as he hits the pillow but I lay there waiting for sleep to come. But I kept laughing thinking about those furry arms coming out of the hole.

Do You See What I See?


How about now?




Bulls-eye is on the deer.


2015 Week 11

*Damn game. :(  *Tuesday night my friend Shea came out for maternity pictures. She’s a photog too.  *Wed edited pictures from the State Wrestling boys who brought home medals. *Thursday was the Big 12 Tourney and I watched KU win! *Fri I finished editing the other local team who’s boys brought home wrestling medals. *Saturday I traveled with my bff Susan and her daughter to a gymnastics meet. Me and Shay. *Floor routine. *Shay got first on bars. *Afterwards we went to the mall for new shoes for Shay. Oh my who knew decisions would be so tough.


*Shay and I.  *Saturday night after I got home I started cleaning up the flower beds from last year.  Burning tumble weeds. *TNT bringing more out from under the trees. *Sunday morning TNT needed me to bring him some tools to fix the sprayer. *TNT & I went to my mom’s and he worked on my step-dad’s pickup.  *Mom has a tree stub that needs removed and when we pulled the dead bark off the tree we found a huge grub. It was the size of my finger. *Sun night TNT and I went a mile east to drop off some milo for the deer and birds. We took the razor. *This is me attempting a sexy windblown selfie….FAIL!


My handsome boy.



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