Here are some things you might not know about me.

1. I don’t drink milk.  I have never liked it. I don’t even slurp the milk in the bottom of my cereal bowl and I make sure my spoon doesn’t have much when i eat the cereal.

2. You know those hologram bookmarks?  Well I can not touch one.  The feeling gives me goosebumps.  I do not like that feeling at all. Anything that has that type of texture I can’t touch.

3. I can’t remember numbers. My boss will holler a bill of lading number at me and I have to write it down.  Even 3 digit numbers I can’t remember.

4. I use to have a cow obsession. I collected everything Holstein cows.  My room even had a cow border.

5. I do not like irises or roses in my flower beds.  I do have both but I do not like them.

6. My sister still kisses me on the head after she cuts my hair or fixes it.  That is something my mom did when we were growing up. She’d braid our hair then give us a kiss on the top of our heads when she was done.  Doing this in a salon gets weird looks from other patrons.

7. I have a war with the mail lady here at work. She gets cussed at(not to her face) daily!

8.  I spell the word borrow barrow. EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!  Can I barrow your wheelbarrow? lol

9. In 26 days I get to see GARTH BROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. When I was a 6th grader TNT graduated High School. We are only 6 1/2 years apart, but it seems much bigger when you I say 6th grade and Senior.

Chocolates Anyone

Back when I was in middle school Mildred and I would spend almost every weekend and during the summer at one of our grandparents farm.  They lived about 4 miles apart so we split our time there.  One New Year’s I was with my Gma D (the one Cassie and I share) and Mildred was with the R Grandparents.  I can’t remember if we had an ice or snow storm but we were out of electricity.

We sat at the kitchen table and by candle light she taught me how to play the card game Durok. THEN, she got the great idea to pull out the box of chocolates that she had wrapped up for my uncle’s girlfriend in case she came to Christmas.   This is the BIG box that has like 4 layers of plastic trays.  We ate and we ate those damn things.  So many, that to this day I refuse to eat any chocolates like that.  Just the thought of them makes me want to gag.

But let me tell you Grandma and I had the BEST time.  About 9:00 my Grandma R called to see if we wanted to come to their house for the night.  Gma D asked me and I shook my head no. So with my help Grandma pulled the generator out of the shop and we ran it just long enough to warm the house up so we could go to bed warm.

To this day that is one of my favorite memories of my Grandma. For each “candy” holiday she always bought candy for each of us grandkids.  Well at Valentine’s Day she would always give me a mini heart shaped box of chocolates and tell me I know you won’t eat these, but I bought this for you anyway.

I’m sure she was saying “na foy dible.”  gma

2015 Week #7

*Sonic has no problem showing his boy bits to everyone.  *The wrestling posters I did for the HS arrived on Tuesday.  I’m my own worst critic, but they turned out okay. *Tuesday night was Senior night for one of my clients. Makes me sad I won’t see Mason on the court anymore.  *This is my favorite shot. Sonic being the younger sibling he is annoying Tails.  *Tails and Sonic checking out the fish tank. *Darn that Cassie! She was talking Easter candy and I had to have some. *Cassie posted a pic of Little Miss K and I thought I had the same sweater. Just a little different but they are similar.  *Friday night a storm was suppose to have moved in but nothing. So TNT and I went out to work on the tree row. It was really nice then around 11:00 it got darn cold and we went back to the house/shop. Molly was my co-pilot and TNT on his backhoe.


*Since Mother Nature kept me from going to regional wrestling I watched it online. *Actually Sonic and I did. *This was my move by move commentary for Mildred. She was working at the salon and couldn’t watch Brady make it to state!!! Heck yes!!!  So proud of that kid.  *The snow started around 3 with the biggest flakes I’ve ever seen. I told TNT they were ready made snowballs.  *Sonic was not worried about the snowballs falling from the sky. He was comfy. *Sunday woke up to 4″ of snow and 0.70″ of moisture!!!  *Molly loves the snow but does not like my camera.  *TNT’s ride to clean snow. *My “ride” to clean snow.  Pretty sure I’m getting the short stick.


National Western Stock Show

The third weekend in January TNT a I traveled out to Denver to attend the stock show. I have always wanted to go, but back when I was in High school and in FFA I could never go since I was in sports and couldn’t miss practice or games. I’ve been talking about it for a while and TNT said he’d take me out there for my birthday.  TNT had gone out with his FFA group 20+ years ago (I had to throw how long he’s been out of school in there).  5

When we arrived at 10:00am we were able to park pretty close to the facilities.  We got our tickets and started in the buildings where there is so much to see.  Anything from squeeze chutes (use chutes to secure cows so you can work on them. Keeps them safe and you), to cowhide purses. We tried to walk up and down each aisle, but it got very tiring.  I was there to see the livestock so we headed to the Events Center and I watched the horse jumping competition. I’ve never seen one in person and it was neat.


TNT couldn’t sit and watch so he went wandering around.  After he came back he asked if I was ready to go…..he is not someone to just sit and watch.  So we headed out to the stock yards.  Cattle as far as the eye could see. I’m talking football fieldS!  It was Semmental day which means the Semmental breed of cattle were on display.  I have never been around cattle showing and I was in awe of what all goes into prepping the cattle.  First they wash them then they blow dry them.  This isn’t your handheld dryer either. We are talking big heavy duty ones.  The guy in the pic below is working on his yearling bulls.


After they are blown dry  they are so fluffy. I had no idea cows could be so fluffy.  If you want to learn more about the basics of prepping cattle check out this website. This is not what your normal cow out in the pasture looks like. These cows live a very privileged life.  Kind of like PBR bucking bulls.


There are MANY events to partake in. Basically think of the Westminster Dog show, but for cattle.  People of all ages show cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, etc. There is also judging for all ages.  They will put a group of cattle in a pen and the judges (HS & adults) walk around and pick out the best animal and give reasons why.  Which brings us to where the bulls above go next, the judging ring.

Fun Fact: A team from the HS here in my hometown won the buffalo judging contest. One kid won and received a sizable scholarship.

In this contest 3 yearling bulls from 5 growers are judged.  They are brought into the ring and walk around. The two judges make their notes and then pen them up.  I can sit and watch this all day, but TNT was getting antsy so we only watched one pen.  When we saw all the bulls I told TNT the last 3 would win. He said the second set of 3 were going to win.  Well guess who won! Me!! The 3 bulls from New York won that round.


The crowds weren’t that bad and we only had to stand in line for a few min for our food. We could have chosen carnival type food and lots of BBQ.  We settled on brisket sandwiches.  I took this shot of turkey legs just for Mildred.  We were at the fair on year and she bought a turkey leg. Well it was so tough she couldn’t eat it. So every time I see a turkey leg I think of her pulling with both hands to get a bite.


We hit the 2:00 rodeo. I would say the contestants for this rodeo would be what you find at your local fair rodeos.  The minor leagues. They tried very hard.


I don’t know why but this shot of the seats I just love.StockShow_0040

The bulls kicked butt this time.


After the rodeo let out at 4 there was so many people. We walked around a little more and decided to head out. The only souvenir I bought was a big bag of kettle corn. We went back to the motel and ate at a little Mexican place. I would like to go back, but if I do I’ll probably go back by myself so I can sit and watch without my husband going are we ready yet? Why are you watching that?  Okay lets move on.

I Feel Fancy

After reading this you will all be like is she weird or what!

I always use Bed Head Foxy Curl shampoo and conditioner. However, the Professional Salon supply store is discontinuing this line of products so between Mildred and my MIL (who are licensed cosmetologists) they are finding me a new line to use.

First up was my MIL’s choice. It’s called Pureology Curl Complete.  I used it for the first time last night and I kept thinking I smell fancy.  You know when you meet someone walking and you can smell their perfume and you just know it’s expensive. Well that’s how I smell/feel about this hair stuff.  I could smell it all last night and then 12 hours after I showered I still smell it.  I keep shaking my mane so I get a good whiff of it.

After my shower I texted my MIL and told her I used it and so far I really like it. I told her I feel fancy.  I could see her typing then deleting then typing again. So you know she’s like what the hell does fancy mean.  Finally she wrote is that good or bad. I explained to her what I meant.  You know she was sitting there with her phone in her hand going WTF is wrong with this girl.  How’d we let her in our family……

Pureology Curl Complete Shampoo & Conditioner 8.5 Oz/ Each

Going Back

It seems every time I drive by the old place I used to live before I moved in with TNT 9 years ago I get a feeling of wishing I could go back to those days. Before you think I’m wishing I wasn’t married, that’s not it at all.  I was talking to my friend Susan about it and she finally told me why. I miss having a much simpler life.  And she’s right.

Life back then during the summer looked like this. I watered my flowers every night. Played co-ed softball Monday nights, mowed my yard Wednesday nights, washed my car Thursdays, then normally at the race track either Fri & Sun or Sat & Sun.  I popped popcorn every night and drank so much Dr. Pepper that it now has no taste to me.  Grant it I lived pay check to pay check and worried about my gas bill to heat the terribly insulated barn house, but I did it.  And I loved it!

I miss the days when Mildred worked at the stop-2-shop after college classes and would make me a special cal-zone. I’d leave work and she’d have it ready for me. I’d sit in a booth and read the paper and talk to her.  I miss that. It was always the best part of my day spending a 1/2 hour with her.

Susan and her son use to stop by two nights a week just to catch up.  They lived further east of me and always stopped.  I no longer get to see her as regularly, but I do go to all her son’s activities.

I miss my now husband bringing breakfast sandwiches (made by Mildy at the stop-2-shop) and him sneaking in my house to wake me up.

Life now during the summer; if I actually get flowers planted they get watered once a week, maybe. On the mower for 4-6  hours every week, help TNT haul water or fertilizer to the fields he’s spraying, clean house, laundry, cook, 2-4 photo sessions a week. Then the whole stress of wheat and corn harvest. And that is all after a 40 hour work week at my job in town.

Long gone are the Thursday’s when I washed my car every week. Long gone are the days of eating popcorn and drinking pop every night. Long gone are the days of playing co-ed softball and now I’m giving up co-ed volleyball.

I wonder what it would be like to go back to not having to sit at my computer all day long and edit pictures. Or not having to look at my calendar to see if I can go out for supper with friends on a week day.  Or saying yes let’s go shopping instead of oh crap I have to go to Hays for Regional Wrestling.   It makes me sad to look at that calendar and see how much I have to do this year.  I am already booking seniors.

I do know this is all brought on by myself.  I could simplify my life if I quit my photo business but I really do love it.  I have “simplified” what I offer now with Seniors & Sports. I have also learned to say no which has been huge.

Instead of looking back on the stuff I no longer do I need to look to what I do HAVE NOW.  I no longer worry if I can pay my bills, I have an great house, 4 quarters of farmland, a successful photography business, a husband who loves me and we get to travel. And I’m most blessed that even though we have lost a few family members my family is healthy and always supportive, And I can’t forget 3 fur babies who love me unconditionally. I am pretty lucky even if I have a hard time seeing it sometimes.

2015 Week #6

TNT was gone all week hog hunting in Texas so I was a bachelorette!! And guess what? My life is just as boring when I’m “single.”  lol

*We had a beautiful week. Monday & Tuesday I took Molly for walks after I got off work.  *Tues night I started this classic.  *Wednesday night I got my camera gear ready and evidently Tails wants to go too as he made himself home in my camera bag.  *Thursday my dad had surgery out in Denver on his shoulder so Mildred and I went out there to be with him. While he was in surgery I started creating the graduation announcements for my clients.  *There was a few complications and we didn’t leave Denver until after 9:00. Which meant I didn’t get home until 1:00.  I also had to wait 15 min for a damn train.  *Friday it was rush rush rush to get everything done that I taped my pop money to the bottom of a box I had ready for UPS. *Friday after work I did a special project for the wrestling team and stayed for the wrestling dual afterwards. *Friday night my bed was full once again since TNT made it home and the kids piled in as well. *Saturday I worked all day on these posters.  Very time consuming, but I’m hoping everyone likes them.


*The last Bark Box there was this treat in there and I finally gave it to Molly. *Sunday TNT and I went to my mom’s to get her mowers and she helped me close the gate….and pinched my finger. *Sonic is obsessed with the water and ice from the fridge.  *He also sat looking into the fish tank for a long time.



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