2016 Week 30

I guess I didn’t take many pics last week.  Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment so to treat myself for being good I had a root beer float. IMG_2107

Sonic decided he needed to be a PITA! He would not leave me alone the other night.IMG_2113

TNT and I had pictures done on Wednesday night.  He’s so handsome. Goodness my freckles come out in b&w. lol


Saturday TNT wanted to try his own pickle recipe so he threw in garlic.  We will see how they turn out come October when we can pop open the jars.



Wedding Etiquette

There seemed to be a lot of drama/problems leading up to Mildred’s wedding.

Like the groom having to testify in a murder trial 900 miles away. He’s a state trooper and had pulled someone over that was wanted for murder. So of course the week he needs to be here to get ready for his wedding he had board a plane.  But it all turned out okay and he was home in plenty of time, but STILL that caused some stress.

Then you have family members who just stand around and watch you work. Like lifting flower pots, setting out chairs, and other things boys should offer to do so girls don’t have too. Because of that I missed helping my sister get in her dress since I was setting up chairs.

Here are some other things about attending a wedding ceremony…..

  1. Be sure to be early so you are not walking up the aisle after the grandparents have been seated and before the wedding party starts up.
  2. Sign the  guest book!  Especially Mildred’s since I did something really cool with it! lol



  1. Even though each guest is important you have to remember there are many guests there. So congratulate the couple and move on. Don’t spend 20-30 min talking to the couple. They are trying making their way around all 250+ guests to thank everyone for coming and won’t be able to talk to everyone if you are taking up that much of their time.
  2. During the dance let the couple dance. Don’t interrupt while they are dancing with someone else and just stand to talk in the middle of the dance floor.
  3. I agree seeing your little 3 year old on the dance floor with the bride is super cute, but goodness give the bride some relief and don’t let your kid hang on the bride the whole night.
  4. The best time to talk to the couple probably isn’t when they are trying to do the cake cutting. Get the hell out of the way!  And for goodness sake don’t stand beside them and tell them how to do the cake cutting!
  5. Tell your cake lady/ladies not to be the cake nazi!  Goodness who cares how many mints people take.
  6. During all the special dances/speeches, etc keep your kids at your table and quiet.  Those are special times.
  8. If you don’t want to give a gift on the registry give gift card/cash.  There is a reason people have registries. Mildred got like 10 different picture frames and I’d guess 3/4 of them will never been used because they have a small house and their decor is already on their walls.  No place to put the big frames that have 15 different 4×6 slots.
  9. If you do order off the registry have the item shipped before the wedding to the bride/groom’s house. Then they don’t have to lug it around. As soon as they receive it they can put it away and get the thank you card out!
  10. Get those thank you cards out ASAP! I already had Mildred’s Thank You created on Friday for her approval and printed a few days later.  She started writing right away!  Don’t be afraid to ask your photog for a quick edited picture for a thank you. Some photogs like me have a design already made to match your invites and just drop in the edited pic so you can get right on them.
  11. Get off your ass and help!  It’s always the same people who get things ready, set up and then clean up.  It’s not so much fun when you are exhausted because you have been doing everything while others just stand and watch.  DO SOMETHING!


As a photographer who sometimes shoots weddings I asked Mildred to specifically say keep all phones in your pockets for the ceremony since they hired Free Range Photos on the program. Heck I created the program so I put it right on there.  From experience I know it is a pain to deal with guests who have to step in and get the shot with their phones.  PEOPLE! STOP!!  And if you are going to do your own thing don’t post ceremony pictures to social media.  Dance pictures are okay, but come on let the hired photog be the first to post those pictures. That’s what they are hired to do.

Tails loves cookies

Last Saturday I was cleaning house and had these cookies sitting on the counter. It seemed every time I walked into the kitchen this package would be open. I thought I was losing my mind cause I KNEW I had pushed the tray back in.  This went on most of the day then I thought well maybe TNT grabbed a few when he was in the house.  Mildred came out for supper and we walked into the kitchen and there was Tails licking the cookies.  He was the one pulling the tray out. Stinker.  I think I had eaten 3 or 4 during the day and I wonder how many of them had kitty germs?


2016 Week 29

Mom came out on Thursday to teach me to can pickles!


My friend from Fargo, ND and her daughter El surprised me with a weekend visit. I was so shocked, but so happy to see them! It had been 3 years since we last got together.


For 6 years old El is pretty smart and we played a lot of hangman.IMG_2078

Me and my sis!IMG_2083

Sunday I picked my first tomato! Heck no I didn’t share with anyone!:)


Not sure what these two are doing but it made me laugh.


Hidden Dangers

During harvest I was helping my nephew start up the air compressor that is on the back of TNT’s pickup. He wouldn’t listen to me about turning off the valve on the tank so I walked around the back of the pickup. I had planned to walk to the other side and flip the valve myself, but this big freaking hole covered with weeds caught me.  Down I went. I stopped just below the knee on my left leg. I don’t know how deep it is because I caught myself on the back of the pickup with my arm.  I yelled, my nephew yelled.  Other than being sore I wasn’t injured. Scared the crap out of me though!  IMG_1997

Seems Harmless

Saturday when I was gathering my phone, hat, headphones and sunglasses to head out to climb on the mower Molly and I had a little mishap.  This cord that connects my phone to the headphone somehow got wrapped around Molly’s tail.  She started jumping around and bucking and I was like what the hell is she doing while I couldn’t figure out why the cord wasn’t coming to me as I pulled.  It was chaos. Once I realized what was going on I tried to catch her but she was a bucking bronco.  Finally i just let it go and it unwound on its own. Molly smiled at me to let me know she wasn’t pleased.  Then I about died laughing. IMG_1965

Tuesday night Mother Nature decided we could only have one good crop a year and destroyed at least 2 fields of corn with hail.  A couple other fields were hit hard, but TNT thinks they might make it.

When hail comes through it strips all the leaves off the plant just leaving sticks like you see here. So disappointing, but part of the farming experience.



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