Lava Rock Removal

I have been living at TNT’s farm for almost 10 years now. I have removed the oh so popular red lava rock of the 80’s from most of the flower beds on the farm.  However, there was still a 30×4 area along the west side of the house that I’d been putting off. But now that TNT and I will be hosting Mildred and Socttie B’s wedding in 8 months I have a reason to get going on it.

Beautiful, why would I take it out?IMG_9755

The south side of the AC unit I got the rocks out and continued the landscaping stones that are in the front of the house. I removed a tree ring I had by the driveway so I had plenty to do this 10 foot area.

I am going to make a picket fence to go around the AC unit. I’ve wanted to do this for a while now, but since this is the location for the ceremony I want to hide it.  Before you shout at me, YES there will be plenty of spaces between the pickets for air to move through.


Then it was time to start on the north side of the AC unit.  I was really dreading this because it is 25 feet long. :(


I pulled the skid steer up and started raking and shoveling.  Do you know how much dirt gets in these rocks in 30 years? A LOT!


These two newly cleared areas I plan to buy rubber mulch, that won’t discolor for 12 years (or so they say) for these areas.  Since the south side has the big stones I don’t have to buy anything for that, but the north side I’ll buy smaller edging stones that match the big stones.  Other than the color they will be like the edging I used on the fire pit/retaining wall project. I am going to wait to put the mulch down until the spring.  The pine trees in this area drop their needles and I want the area to look fresh come wedding day.  But at least the hard work is done!

Wheat Drilling 2015

This fall has been extremely crazy and busy.  TNT will drill wheat for a few days then pick corn for a few days.  It’s been back and forth like that for two weeks now. When he drills winter wheat he unloads the seed wheat that we cut in July out of the grain bin and into the semi on the right.  He then takes the semi to the grain elevator for them to clean the trash out of it.  Once that is done he brings the semi home and will unload some of the seed wheat onto our smaller grain truck.  It has this device hooked to the back to make loading the drills easier.


This is right after TNT finished drilling.


Here is 1 1/2 weeks after being drilled.


Still a little thin in places, but a little rain that we will hopefully get sometime soon will get it up.



The Critters

I caught Sonic loving on Molly Sunday morning.  This is a dangerous place for Sonic to be since Molly is not fond of Sonic being this close.


Miss Prim and Proper, but will bite you leg off.


Then there is my old wise man. <3


This is why I couldn’t nap on Saturday because he wanted under the blanket and wouldn’t stop moving.


Then once I got out of bed he was all what? You don’t want to snuggle with me?


2015 Week 39

Monday I took the day off work since I had to use vacation or I lose it.  I had a golf meet sport session during the day. The mother of the gal I was shooting was talking about her favorite meals to make and I said I love making chicken fried steak. I feel it is one of my specialties. So I stopped at the store to grab cube steaks when I realized I had left my purse at home.  Crap!! Luckily I found a $5 bill and $2 in quarters so I could pay $6.77 for the steaks. lol *Here’s the finished product. *Tuesday I picked up my high school state activities pass from my newspaper boyfriend.  Wednesday I came down with a cold/sinus crud so I pretty much hid in the house.  *Friday we got off work because they had to fumigate the plant for mill moths. I took a quick nap then deep cleaned the house.  I found Sonic resting in the spare bedroom so he’d be bright eyed when Auntie Mildred came to spend the night! *Friday night I met Mildred at the football game.  Here Brady was putting a big hit on the D-1 prospect and #1 recruited kid out of Kansas….btw….that kid wasn’t very impressive.  I was disappointed in this kid who has so much hype about him.  *Saturday I tried to nap, but these three honyacks wouldn’t let me sleep. I had a senior session Sat night. *Sunday I worked on wedding table decorations and Sonic had to help too! *TNT just knew I’d love this root “beer”. I told him I had tried it once before and I could taste the beer and did not want to try it again. He wouldn’t listen and I had to drink that whole damn bottle.  YUCK! I do NOT like the taste of beer and nothing will mask it! *Sunday afternoon I should have been in the house resting but I went out and started digging out the red lava rock that everyone decorated with back in the 80’s.  Thirty years of dirt in those rocks.  I was exhausted and coughing so I roped TNT to helping with the last 10 feet.  I got 25′ of it done though. *No other words but Sonic is weird!


Holiday Time!

Oops I had created this and never posted it…Happy Friday all!

I was looking at the holiday schedule for what day we get off for 4th of July. We get July 4th off!! WhooHOOO!! Celebrate…..


Wait one second. July 4th is a Saturday. I get that day off anyway……..


We now get July 3rd off in addition to July 4th! My boss and I had a good laugh about it.  It’s nice to catch something headquarters messes up in Fargo.

All the Single Ladies

TNT didn’t go with me to the wedding last Saturday night because he was in the field. I sat with Susan’s family and I get along with all of them so that wasn’t weird. But then it was time for the wedding march and I didn’t have a partner.  I told Susan’s sister in law (Alice) that I’d take her son J as my partner (he’s 13). She went to find him, but couldn’t.  The next thing I know I hear Alice saying, “Jamie (susan’s little brother) will you do the wedding march with Carrie? TNT isn’t here and she has no one to dance with.”  I was taken right back 12 years ago when it was suggested I date Jamie.  Even though I’m married it was like I was single and got that nervous feeling in my stomach. I thought once I got married I’d never have that feeling again, but boom I was right back there. I told her no I’ll find someone else and she wouldn’t stop yelling at Jamie. He’s pretty shy and you could just see the fear of having to dance with me created! lol   I ended up dancing with Susan’s other niece’s husband. The niece was the matron of honor and did the wedding march with the best man so Jake and I boogied on down…..well if you’ve seen me dance you know there was no boggy-ing going on.

Something else I hate at weddings….the bouquet and garter toss.  Really pull all the single people on the dance floor for everyone to see who is single.Yes I know I’m single so why not broadcast it to all the people here at the wedding that I’m a loser and by myself. Or at least that’s how I always felt. I hate that tradition so much that I refused to do it at our wedding.  I use to get so mad when I would be pulled out on the floor. If I wanted to go out there I would, don’t continue to yell at me to get out there. That one time the bouquet came right at me and I moved out of it’s path!  I guess I’m weird, but I just hate that kind of stuff.

Courtney’s Wedding

Are you ready to be confused by all of this?  My bff Susan grew up with TNT. She’s the one who introduced me to TNT.  She has 10 brothers and sisters. I became friends with her niece Courtney a few years ago. I took her engagement pictures in February. Saturday night was Courtney’s wedding and since TNT was busy in the field I hung out with ALL of Susan’s family.  I should mention the brothers are all very handsome/pretty like Brady and Susan.  Blonde hair blue eyes and super nice.  They are always so nice to me and make me feel so welcome. I am also the official photographer of Bonnie’s grandkids (Susan’s mom).  I have taken Brady, Shaylee, Courtney, Lacie and Jason’s whole family.   Susan told me Bonnie was all concerned why “Carrie wasn’t taking pictures at Courtney’s wedding.” I was Courtney’s #1 choice for the wedding, but since I don’t do indoor weddings Bonnie was okay after knowing that.

Okay now that all that is out of the way let me confuse you even more.

Courtney’s invite said Ceremony at 4:00 and reception to follow.  We were all there at 4:00 watched them walk down the aisle and say I Do.  Before they walked out of the church the pastor told us to come back at 6:00.  Okay the little town we were in does not have a lot to offer if you are needing to waste 1 1/2 hours.  So we all headed to the truck stop to grab something to eat/drink.  Once we were all there Bonnie told us that they were in fact having a supper. We had been told there wouldn’t be a dance, but one of Susan’s brothers said he was leading the wedding march.  This is such a crazy confusing evening.  So I went home and told Mildred things will be very clear on her invite exactly what is going to happen at her wedding!

Here are some funnies from the wedding.  I suggested the Holz family do this and I thought for sure Brady would say no way, but he was all come on mom! lolIMG_9673

This picture just makes my heart so happy. Brady dancing with his little sister.  She was supposed to be my date, but Brady wanted to do the wedding march with her so I told her to go with him. So glad I did!  But I’m mad I didn’t have my good camera to take this.IMG_9681

Can’t forget me and this pretty lady!


And my two favorite kiddos!!IMG_9679


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