Saturday morning Sonic was a PITA!  He messed with me, messed with Tails, messed with TNT then he started in on Molly.  He’s lucky he didn’t lose his tail!IMG_0351

He sure loves to snuggle though.IMG_0364


Mildred said he is probably thinking man I need to go on a diet.  I don’t know why but when he sits like this I about die.  IMG_0366

2015 Week 47

Started off the week with a snow storm.  The report said 20″ but it’s a very weak 20″ if you ask me.  We had 40-60mph winds. It was not pleasant.  I stayed home from work on Tuesday.


Wednesday morning TNT and I went out to dig out.  I got the crap job with the shovel while he was in the tractor.



I wore this shirt to work and travis was appalled. He couldn’t believe I was wearing a hooter shirt……


Got our passports! :)IMG_0341

Sunday April’s fiance came out and we went pheasant hunting. Since I only hunt with my camera I was the blocker so I didn’t get in the action much. :(IMG_0370

Dinner?  Nope TNT and I don’t eat wild game so Mildred and Scottie will be eating good.IMG_0371

After hunting we went to town for some bowling.  Mom came in also and I invited Shaylee and Susan.  We had so much fun.  I swear I have the best family!! <3






Snow Day

Monday night Mother Nature was super crazy.  We had tornadoes and thunderstorms.  My friend, her aunt lost their house and farm about 60 miles east of here.  Terrible.  This is not normal weather for mid-November.

Yesterday morning I got out of bed to get ready for work and TNT said “you’re not going to work. If you get snowed in you are staying in town. I will not come get you.” So I stayed home.  From the time I got up until 11 it rained and pelleted iced.  IMG_0295

Not even 15 min after I took the above pic there ground was already starting to cover.IMG_0299

We had 45-65 mph winds.


Molly was outside just long enough to pee.


This is what the kids did for their snow day.IMG_0287


This was last night before I went to bed and the wind was still howling. IMG_0323


This morning I started digging out.IMG_0327

Notice I was doing the manual labor while TNT drove his little tractor…..



2015 Week 46

Another super busy week at work. I had my 40 hours in on Thursday so all day Friday was overtime!!!

These two! <3


He stole Tails’ spot on the back of my couch.


I did Tony Horton’s 10 min workout Monday night and travis thought my outfit wasn’t very fashionable. I have no clue what he’s talking about.


Saturday we went to Denver for wedding dress shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sunday I made cupcakes. I’m making them for the wedding and I wanted to see how many the recipe makes and try different tips to see which one I like the best.


My MIL gave me this bakers rake that my FIL had made. I love it!


Posing is something I struggle with so I’m bought a book to learn about it.  I like the way this guy teaches. He’ll do a lesson then in the next paragraph he’ll say but sometimes I throw that idea out the window…..which is what I do sometimes too.


My MIL sent this to me. This was from corn harvest last month.  TNT and his dad.


2015 Week 45

Seems I was too busy last week to get a post so here is the first week of November.

Went to Brady’s game on the 6th. This was the first round of the state playoffs and even though Brady played his heart out his team came up a TD short.


My heart hurts for this kid. He put his team on his back this year along with 2 or 3 other teammates. Thankfully the last 4 games the whole team started playing the way they should, but it was a tough year. I know Brady’s favorite sport is baseball but his best sport is football.  The way he can see the field on both offense and defense is rare.  That is a natural ability. You can’t teach that.  Which is why I think he will be a good basketball player.  Yep he’s going out for basketball for his senior year and skipping wrestling. I can not tell you how happy this makes me! You all know my dislike for wrestling….although I’m sad Susan won’t be at the wrestling tourneys that I’m hired to take pictures at. :(


My MIL had surgery on the 5th and I went over Saturday and Sunday to help and take food over.  Her kitty BG posed so nicely for me. I don’t know if you can zoom in but you can see her bottom teeth. She kills me.


Sonic was all about snuggling on Sunday.


She Said YES!

I have seen other photographers do surprise engagement sessions and I have ALWAYS wanted to do one.  I took Sonya’s family pictures a few weeks ago. We also did some with her, her daughter and her bf. I thought for sure he’d get down on one knee to propose, but it didn’t happen.  A week later Robert messages me and asked me to help him propose!!!  I had tears rolling and so very honored he’d want me to have a hand in this. Sonya is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and I think the world of her.

He had everything planned out. I’d invite her out to be a “model” for me then he’d peak around the corner with a sign then I’d show her the back of my camera and she’d see the sign.  YES YES YES!  But I knew I’d have to have some help because I didn’t want to miss her reaction to seeing the back of my camera.  I called up my good friend/fellow photog to help.

Last Tuesday I messaged Sonya asking if she’d model for Shea and I since we wanted to try new camera techniques. She said she’d have to get back with me since they are super busy.  Thursday I messaged her again asking if she would. She replied with I don’t think I can because we have so much going on.  Then 10 min later she said Robert told me I should just do it and he’d watch P.  Perfect!

Robert showed up at 3:15 and I had him write his message on the chalkboard.

Shea Baird Photography110215_1

Then we did a mock run so we’d all know where to stand and the key word when he was to look around the corner. Sonya arrived at 4:00 and we went to the west side of the house to snap a few shots. Shea and I played the whole learning new stuff big time. We talked white balance, ISO, Shutter Speed. We “practiced” the recompose technique since we knew that was how we’d get the shot of him with the sign.

Cooksey Engagement_0038

Shea had to show Sonya the images she was getting. We wanted it to be believable when we got the main show.

Cooksey Engagement_0044

Sonya asked us what we were doing with our cameras when we were recomposing. She had no clue. Then the time came.

Cooksey Engagement_0069

Cooksey Engagement_0073

Then it was time for me to show her the back of my camera.

Shea Baird Photography110215_22

Shea Baird Photography110215_23

Shea Baird Photography110215_24

The tears were rolling and she said, “Is he still back there?” I nodded yes and she said, “I’m so nervous I don’t want to turn around.”

Shea Baird Photography110215_25

This is my favorite shot of the day!

Cooksey Engagement_0076

She asked to see the picture again.

Shea Baird Photography110215_34

Shea and I gave them some time together and then I caught this of them walking back to the house.

Cooksey Engagement_0115

It was exactly as we planned! It was perfect. Now I hope they don’t ask about doing wedding pictures. LOL

2015 Week 44

* Mugshot. I mean passport pic! *Tuesday night we had shrimp boil.  *I stayed up and watched the Royals play Tues and Wed.  Yes I stayed up past midnight on Tues to watch all 14 innings!!  *Friday it rained all day and I had two football games to shoot.  I wore a rain suit and a rain poncho. My camera even was geared up.  Didn’t get a drop of water on my camera. I was pretty surprised.*Brady’s team sealed up the district title with their 4th in in a row!!! *Saturday I went to state volleyball. Friends of mine their daughter played. I normally go to state anyway, but was going to pass this year since I’ve been so busy.  However, since Zoe was playing I had to go and her team ended up winning! It was pretty neat! *Saturday night I was ready for the Royals! *Sunday it was Royals again with the championship!! *Sonic was not impressed by the game.


Shea and I had a shoot on Sunday and she brought cake pops!


Marked off another pre-wedding check list item….painting the clothesline poles.

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