The Struggle is REAL!

Molly spotted a bunny.


The mess with her all the time.






Just when she thinks this time I WILL catch you it takes off.ctownsp.co.trip_0012

This is a never ending game with Molly and the bunnies. ctownsp.co.trip_0013

What do you do when you have this picture to hang on


this brick wall?


Pull out the glue gun of course. I had no idea if this would work, but I tried it anyway.


After my first round of glue I let it set just a little so it would hold up the screw.


Then I used a whole glue stick (mini sized) and just filled in the cracks around it.


Even though the canvas is 4′ tall it is very light weight. I wouldn’t try this with an item that was heavy. For now it seems to be holding and TNT scares himself every time he turns around. So an added bonus! haha I think it looks great.


Today is my wonderful sisters’ birthday.  Long gone are the days of her “bothering” me. It’s been a few years since I’ve hollered, “MOM, Mildred is breathing my air.” Last Wednesday she became a fiance. I can not express how wonderful this news is to me.  I love my sister more than anything in this world and to see her happy and to know she will be walking down the aisle to her beloved makes my heart so full.

It’s different to hear that your sister is getting married than telling her you are getting married.  When I told Mildred I was engaged its like no big deal.  Maybe because I’m the bride and it’s all about me. lol  But waiting Wednesday morning for my sister to call me and to hear the pure joy in her voice. It’s indescribable! Their engagement story isn’t for me to tell, but I did know about it since TNT’s bday party back on June 20th. I have been keeping this a secret which hasn’t been easy either since I tell Mildred everything.  She stayed at our house two weeks ago and all I wanted to do was hug her and tell her what a beautiful bride she will be…..but I kept a lid on it.

The Thursday before they headed off to their vacation in Florida she signed off Skype and even though I knew this news was happy I couldn’t help but be sad too. My baby sister is growing up. She’s going to be a fiance, and a bride, then a wife and one day a mommy. This is such a joyous time for our family, but there is sadness also. Sadness that Brucie isn’t here to partake in all of this and then the sadness that things are changing. I’m sure this is normal for all sisters who are close. But I can not be any happier for her! She has waited a long time for her one and only and here he is!

Love you Sister Sue and I hope you have a most wonderful birthday every!

2015 Week 30

*Another round of harvest from the garden. Onions and Potatoes.  *Starting the second batch of drying onions. *Sonic gave me the stink face. *Bought this adorable little hat for a session. *Ran over to the inlaws place to check on their kitties. Here’s BG (aka Pet Cemetery). *While I was watering the MIL’s garden I found a nest of bunnies. *Saturday cleaned the fish tank and Sonic was amused by the fish. *Finally hung up my cow picture after 2 years.


Storm moving in.


Watching this storm out my kitchen winda. I was a little nervous.IMG_8983

2015 Week 29

*The county fair started Wednesday in the town just east of us. Since I am a member of their chamber of commence  I “sponsored” the talent show.  I would have rather have stayed in the show ring and watched the kids showing their livestock.  The mom of this kid is a very good client of mine.  He won Grand Champ Heifer.  *Thursday night I found this tiny little dude in the house.  *We were planning a little trip to CO and I thought I’d be able to separate Tails and Sonic. I used a screen window….didn’t last long and we ended up not separating them. *Molly “heard” we were leaving and she couldn’t care less. *Molly got to stay with the inlaws and their kitty BG loves Molly. *Saturday after a 2 hour traffic delay to get into the mountains we finally arrived in Granby, Co.  We took the RZR out for a few miles. *One of the trails that we went on. *The only wildlife we saw was cows. *After our trip up the mountain.


*We have friends who live there and we just park our pickup and trailer in their yard then head up to the mountains from their back yard. They normally go with us, but they are building a new shop so we stayed and helped with that.  Here I am with Debbie and TNT.  *View from the top of the mountain. *Monday morning we stopped at the “yuppie” place and had breakfast. That’s what all the locals call it. lol *Trail and creek pics. *Came up on this little cabin. *Deb and Carl have 3 dogs and Morgan loves me.  But she also now loves TNT since he lets her sit on his lap.  I sent a pic to my MIL and told her not to show Molly. The MIL texted back and said I showed Molly and she’s outside pouting now. lol *Morgan carries around her food bowl when it is empty. She brought it to every one of us hoping we’d fill it.


*Friday night at the Demo Derby. TNT and his buddies built this car. Didn’t do so well…..IMG_8922

Sunday night we had supper at Grand Lake. Beautiful and of course I didn’t take my big girl camera.IMG_8942

Monday our trip up to the top of the mountain. There are always a lot of wild flowers, but this year it is amazing.  So pretty.


Drying Onions

Since this is the first onion crop that I’ve ever had I had no idea how to dry them to store.  So I asked my friend Janet at afarmwifeslife. She was super helpful and said once you pull the onions you dry them for a week in the sun. The stems will dry up and you clip them off. Then you clean the dirt off with your hands and store them in a dark dry cool place.

I found an old screen in the garage and used it. I figure the air circulating completely around them is okay…Janet didn’t say no so hopefully I’m doing it right.

This is only 1/3 of them……I think I over did it.IMG_8870

The biggest one I’ve pulled so far. I’d say a women’s softball sized!IMG_8871

Garden 2015 Update

My tomatoes are full of blooms and a good number of tomatoes, but they are still very green.  I was surprised by this watermelon. I’m not sure how I’ve missed it, but I spotted it last night.  Almost volleyball sized.


I am picking 2-3 cucumbers a night off my 4 plants.  The plants are pretty scrawny, but as long as they are giving me nice cucumbers I don’t care.  *My potatoes are just about done and I need to dig the rest of them up.6

I have live out at TNT’s for 9 years now and this is the first year that I have raised onions that have grown.  Normally they don’t get much bigger than a golf ball, but this year they are awesome!  I have 8 rows of 10 feet and I have them coming out of my ears. *My zinnia’s are starting to bloom also! The attract the good insects that eat the bad insects.7

Here’s my mini pumpkin and a view of the different color pumpkins.8

Over view of my whole garden.  Next year I’ll go bigger!!  The straw helps so much when keeping the weeds out. The ones that do come through the straw are much easier to spot and you just pull as you see them. No hoeing which I hate.IMG_8882


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