Miss Molly

It may seems like Sonic is my favorite child.  I wouldn’t say that but he is the one that causes the most trouble. And he loves to snuggle and is my shadow.  Tails is getting older so he’d rather be left alone, but when he is in a snuggling mood watch out. You can’t shake him.

Then there is this pretty girl. I’m so glad she has grown up from the puppy she was. She still has a problem with barking but for the most part she is a very good dog.  I also wish she wasn’t so mean to new people, but that wasn’t our fault on that one.  We were raising her right then some jackass ruined it all.

The other night she went “swimming” in the terrace and it is yucky stinky water so she smelled terrible.  I was working in the old garage so when we walked up to the house I said you go take a bath when we get inside.  I opened the door and she went straight to the tub and jumped in.  Waited for me to come in and give her a bath.  She’s a pretty smart cookie. IMG_1527

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for signs to put by the highway so people know where we are located.

For my photo biz sign I decided to use corrugated metal letters then I thought why not do the same with WEDDING.  I waited until they went on sale for 1/2 price and bought enough for two signs for $18.00. I also purchased two arrows for $2 each.

First I started with the pallets. You all know what a pallet looks like so I didn’t take a before pic.

Then I primed the wood. I didn’t have a much navy blue paint left so I figured a good primer coat would help.


While painting I decided I needed another piece of wood on the pallet to put the letters on. I cut a 15’x30′  piece of wood in half with a circular saw……ladies everyone should know how to use power tools.  I then painted those two pieces along with the arrows a coral color.


I pulled out the navy blue paint and put two coats on the pallets. Molly inspected my work.

I organized the letters.  They are 5″ tall and different widths depending on the letter.IMG_1523

Now that everything is painted it is time to assemble. Of course I forgot to take step by step pics…..

First I nailed the metal letters to the coral piece of wood.  I didn’t smash the nails all the way down for a couple of reasons. I’d like to sell the letters once the wedding is over so I wanted removing them from the sign to be easy.  The second reason is the shortest nails we had were 1 1/2″ long which were way too long for these boards.  Third these signs are by the hwy and no one will see the details. 
I didn’t even plan on it but all the nails line up perfectly.13219693_10154213486212704_1879758190_n

The finished product. This one will be right at our driveway.  And now I see how NOT LEVEL it is. lol oh well.


This one will be up the road 1/2 a miles to warn the guests to start slowing down.




Wedding Doors

Even though Mildred is having an outdoor wedding she still wanted to be presented to her intended. Make a grand entrance….you know how Homecoming Queens turn brides are.:)

We found french doors in our old garage and I asked my FIL to build a frame for them.  After inspecting the doors he decided they would be too heavy and the frame would have to be massive. So he asked if he could design his own idea. I said sure. Mildred said sure. So I received this text message of the design.


Loved the idea!  Then the MIL started teasing me with pictures along the building process. First it was the doors with strong barn metal.


Then the finished product. OMG! My eyes popped out of my head and I wanted to get married all over again so I could use these.  Mildred was having rough time with UPS saying they delivered a bridesmaid dress to her house when they actually delivered it to Steak and Shake… Don’t ask.  So seeing these doors made her whole week.13235762_10154233522977704_417817330_n

I ran over to the inlaws house to pick out the flower pots I want to use and had to look at the doors.I told L&B I needed a newlywed couple in the pic.


Yesterday we moved the doors to where pictures will be. After pictures we will move it to the ceremony site at the back of a aisle.  When here comes the bride begins playing my dad and TNT will open the doors and present Mildred. Then dad will take Mildred’s hand and walk her up the aisle. 13236019_10154233523082704_858160617_n

Old Coot

I was working on cleaning up around the grain bin pits on the farm when all the sudden something flew/ran out of my path. Scared the crap out of me since I was looking for snake.  It half ran half flew across the yard.  Molly took off after it and I took off after Molly.


I had seen one of these once on the farm before but I had no idea what it was.  I asked Cassie A and she said a Coot.IMG_1509

A Coot is a chicken/duck and it is aggressive.  It has a powerful bite.  The feet are super weird too. Kind of like they should be webbed but the skin didn’t grow all the way. I looked it up and found out they are mean to their own babies.  If they can’t feed their whole hatch-lings they will peck/beat all of them then the ones that show weakness they don’t feed them and they die.  UHHHH!


Sunday morning Sonic was a pain in the butt.  Running around the house. Messing with Tails. I sat down in the living room to eat my “breakfast pizza.” It’s really a pizza with sausage but since it’s morning I’ll call it breakfast pizza.  As I was sitting there I noticed Sonic had his eye on the shelf up there above the chair.  I’d tell him don’t think about it and he’d meow at me.  Then look back up there.  I was just waiting to hear a crash as I was cleaning house.IMG_1506

2016 Week 20


Had to run parts to TNT on Thursday and when I got home we had two snakes sunning themselves by the front porch.IMG_1563

Friday night after work I got a lot done so then I sat on the porch enjoying the nice evening until 10.


Sonic decided he needed to be a flower boy and kept stealing the little flowers I was using to make hair deals for the girls who are handing out programs.IMG_1570

My dad came out Saturday after I got a pedicure from the bride.  Him and I planted a tree, rehung the barn door and he helped me plant my garden.  Then Mildred came out. She cleaned the shop bathroom while I scrubbed the porch and washed off the cement slab in front of the house.  The only thing I didn’t get marked of my list of 15 things was putting straw in the garden, but it was so windy yesterday I didn’t even attempt.

It’s happened!

The day I’ve been dreading for 4 years now. My favorite kid played has played his last home game of his high school career.  Brady it has been a pleasure and I wish you knew how much you mean to me!❤



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