* didn’t take my first picture with my phone until Thursday  night when I went to a HS baseball game.  That isn’t to say I wasn’t clicking my camera non-stop for my Xmas in July mini’s all week. *Friday night after work TNT let me use his mini tractor to mow the 2 acres at the old place. A 4 hour job was cut to 45 min. :) *Saturday I helped TNT replace an O ring on his sprayer.  *I hear the guy who drives that big rig is H-O-T-T! *Sunday I rode with TNT in the combine while he finished up the terraces.  The ground along the terraces was way too muddy when they did the field the first time.  *View from the cab. *TNT and I! *After the combine ride he put me to work driving tractor.1


Sweeping fields when I should be sweeping my house.



Took Becca’s senior pics on Saturday night and worked on them Sunday.


It’s been a while since I talked about my husbands’ husbanisms.

To say the last two weeks during wheat harvest have been trying is an understatement.  My husband has been super grouchy. Sometimes it’s best just to leave him alone than to poke the bear…you know what I’m saying.  Anyway, on Friday night a storm was moving in and we were putting the wheat into a bin on the farm rather than take it to town because that wheat will be our seed wheat when we drill in September.  It takes longer to unload a semi trailer than if he went to the elevator to dump.    This job takes two people since one runs the auger and another person has to spray malathion on the wheat to kill all the bugs since it’ll be stored in a bin.  TNT’s parents were finishing up cutting the wheat in the fields so I helped TNT with spraying the seed wheat. We unloaded 5 semi trailers and finally got to the house at 11:30.  You think bedtime right? NOPE! Since I’d been out in the field I couldn’t do the stuff I needed to do in the house. I still had a lot to do to get ready for my Senior Rep sessions on Saturday and then a few things left to gather for the Xmas mini’s that started on Sunday.  Plus clean my lenses and camera.

You know what my husband did? He helped me….he unloaded the dishwasher, cooked the sausage for the cheese dip, cleaned up the kitchen and even cleaned up a place where Tails had puked.  I couldn’t believe it.  While I was running around cleaning house and getting things ready my husband actually helped me.   I didn’t realize it but he even assembled the cheese dip in the crock pot WITH a crock pot liner.  The next morning he even plugged in the cheese dip and it was almost all melted when I got out of bed at 8.

He made dealing with his super bad mood the last two weeks much better with just a little bit of effort to help me.


Did you know that when pine cones get wet they close up? Well I didn’t. :(

I made this wreath for my Christmas in July mini’s.  I painted the initial of each family’s’ last name and placed in the center of the wreath then placed it on the front of Jeep. Looks super cute.  Here you can see the cones are starting to close up.  When they were fully open you could barely see any pink.



Monday morning  it was OMG what happened to my wreath.  I was very confused.IMG_5238

I started with one like the cone in the center.IMG_5239


And most closed up like this.  I had to hurry home after work yesterday and make another wreath before my clients arrived at 8:00.IMG_5240


Between harvest, getting ready for my talk with a group of 4H kids, Senior Rep sessions and then the start of Christmas in July mini’s it has been one crazy week.

*Thursday night TNT picked me up in our driveway. He didn’t want to pull in the yard with the semi so I met him on the hwy.  I was a hitch hikin.  *The MIL unloading her grain cart on the semi.  *TNT and I.  *TNT looking over yonder at his Dad cutting wheat.  *Molly wanted to play fetch but wouldn’t let me grab the ball.  *Friday night after my 4H talk I headed out to the wheat field. My hiney got put to work. As TNT unloaded the semi’s I would spray malathion on the wheat as it came out the semi hopper.  This is our seed wheat for drilling in September and we have to spray it to kill all bugs.  *Saturday was my FIL’s 65th birthday. All of us went in and got him binoculars.  *The Jeep pickup is ready to be used in the Xmas in July mini’s.



Saturday at noon my two Senior Rep girls came out to the house along with their mom’s and sisters.  We had such a great time. It was an exhausting day, but it was perfect!


*Sunday I was trimming trees with a garden shear and pinched my hand. OMG I wanted to cry but it hurt too bad.IMG_5236


My friend Adriane (we’ve been friends since 6th grade) and her family were my guinea pigs for the Xmas in July.  We got a few pictures in then Mother Nature dropped 0.30″ of rain on us.



CR vs CT

I’ve been shredding 20 years worth of paperwork at work.  I am getting down to the last and I came across this paper I initialed in 2005. For 28 years I was CR and yet I can’t remember not being CT. To me it seems so weird that I was ever anything but CT even though it’s only been 6 years.  You all probably think I’m weird.


Monument Rocks

When TNT, his buddy and I were out driving around looking at the large amounts of rain fall we came up to Monument Rocks.  I have lived in the area for 22 years and this was the first time for me to visit.  They were very cool.





Swallows built their nests in the nooks crannies of the rocks.



Love these arches and now want to shoot a Senior session here.


My favorite from the day.





TNT showing off his best side.Rain_0134


Before you think why doesn’t she hold her camera straight the limestone lines are not level.  I kind of got sea sick while taking pictures because there was so many lines and none of them were straight. lolRain_0144






It doesn’t happen very often that NW Kansas has large amounts of rainfall but Mother Nature decided on June 29th to release a flood.  15 miles west of where we live received 4-5 inches. 15 miles south east of us received 3-6 inches and then 50 miles south east received 3-8 inches.  Where does that water go?  When we receive that much rain in that little amount of time (2 hours) the water runs off the land to the low laying areas.  IMG_5058


Fence posts come up to my shoulder and I’m 5’5″ so this water is pretty deep when you think there is normally no water in this area.IMG_5062


When water rushes through pastures like the above picture it carries a lot of trash with it.   As it goes through the barb wire fences that surround the cow pastures it will either get hung up on the fence like the picture below or take the fence out.  I can remember “helping” Cassie’s dad fix washed out fence when I was younger. He’d cuss and cuss.

Even if a certain area doesn’t receive large amounts of rainfall the water will move down the  creek bottoms to all areas.  So even though my uncle may not receive any rain he’d still have to deal with fences washing out because the creek bottoms in his pasture would fill up.



Another problem is farmland will was out. All that dirt has to go somewhere and the dirt in the picture below all came from a field.  We are talking 4 foot high drifts of mud.IMG_5053


We came up on this water over the road and even my dare devil husband knew not to go through it.Rain_0012






On this road TNT and his buddy Bob walked out in it to see how fast the water was moving and how deep. It was just about ankle height so they decided to move the logs out of the way with the wench on the Jeep and we’d drive across.IMG_5063


And that my friends is my husband’s great smile!IMG_5072


60 miles East of where we live my inlaws have a cabin at the lake.  Well the water that you see in the above pictures was filling the creeks that run into this lake. So 3 days later the lake started raising.  This lake is very very low so all the cabin people got together and started working on the ramp for when the water came up.  They poured cement for the ramp and just in time.   On July 4th the lake had come up almost 5 feet. It’s amazing to think that water moved over 60 miles.IMG_5082




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