I’m a softy. TNT is a softy and we just can part with this little guy who we had to bottle feed for 3 weeks since he refused to eat on his own. He also would meow very loudly whenever he saw us.

How can you not love this face? Oh yea, when he’s climbing up my leg while I’m wearing shorts. November can not come early enough for those claws to come out.  I have to buy all new curtains. Little SOB’s.

What does Tails think of him? This was Sunday.  Last night Sonic walked by Tails and Tails grabbed him and started licking his face.  I melted.

IMG_5852So what’s with the name?  Back in the 90’s there was a cartoon and Sega video game called Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic had a sidekick named Tails and the boy I was dating at the time was obsessed with that cartoon. So I suggested Tails.  Ever since I have sworn if I ever got another cat I’d name him Sonic. And now we have Sonic. TNT is bound and determined to name him Mo, but I refuse.  He named Molly and it is my turn at naming.

Week in iPhotos 38 of 52

Things are starting to get a little hectic around here. But I’m not complaining.  If I don’t blog much or visit your blog don’t be alarmed I will come back in December when work slows down.

*The new Tasmina Perry book arrived…..no mom you can’t read it yet.  *Monday night i pulled all my 4 o’clocks out. I had the time and I’d rather do it now than when they are brown and dead.  *Wednesday TNT started drilling wheat so Molly and I ran over to the field to pull home a fertilizer tank. *Only took 3 tries to hook this guy up.  *On the way home. *Friday my boss picked fresh strawberries just for me. So good.  *Friday night I went to my sister’s house and spent some time with my nephew Sophers.  *We went to the football game and I snapped a few of my friends kid.


*saturday morning I deep cleaned the kitchen. Love it when it is spick and span. *Saturday night I started a fire in the pit.  First time we’ve used it.  *My fire pit partner. <3   *Neat clouds I saw Thursday evening.www.thealbumcafe.com

At the football game with my #1 sista!IMG_5836


When I started this photo business I had no clue the kind of new friendships I’d gain.  I have return clients which I love because I get to see families grow. However, I also realized I’m making connections with the Seniors I work with.  2015 big changes will be coming to my photo biz and I’ll be specializing in Seniors and Sport sessions.

In the middle of August I had a kid, Taylor, from the town 20 miles east of me on a Friday night.  I didn’t know him, but I knew his dad through co-ed softball. We took pictures outside his school and across the street at the football field.  While we were walking to other locations he’d run to walk with me rather than walk with his parents. And he was the one who talked my ear off.  I’m only with these kids for 2 hours, but I always make sure we talk about things they are interested in.  He plays football and wrestles and lucky for me I’m a sports nut so we talked football and KU sports….I’m not a wrestling fan, but I can talk enough not to look stupid.  His session went amazingly well and I was reminded that there are still good kids in this world. When I was telling my friend Susan about this I got all teary eyed because my heart swelled with happiness.  Taylor could have easily ran on by and celebrated with his teammates, but instead he stopped to thank me.  Made me so happy.

Any senior who books their sr. pics with me receives a sport session for half price (this has been a huge selling point for my sr. sessions). So two Friday nights ago I headed to the football field for the game.  Taylor had a 30 yard catch and then ran 40 yards for a TD. He also grabbed a fumble and scored and not to mention all his defensive tackles. He’s a  very fun player to watch. After the game the team goes to the sidelines and sings their schools fight song (which is super cool if you ask me). They can then talk to their families and friends.  Taylor’s dad told him I was at the game and he searched the crowd until he found me.  Let me ask how many 18 year old HS kids will search for an old lady he spent 2 hours with the month before.  He shouted Carrie and came running up to me with a huge smile. I shook his hand and told him great game. He thanked me for coming and said he can’t wait to see the pictures.  I was shocked.  I guess that must mean I’m doing something right with my business.  Made me feel really good.

The night back in August after Taylor’s senior session I had his classmate Mason’s senior session the next night. Mason is 6’7″ and I’m 5’5″ so I basically stood on a ladder or made him get down to my level the whole night.   Mason’s dad and my husband have been friends since HS and TNT was in the wedding of Mason’s parents.  Last year I shot Mason’s football and basketball pictures and even captured his first dunk in a game.  Which was super cool.  So with Mason and his mom there wasn’t the getting to know you phase of the session. We had a great time on their farm and as we headed to town a storm moved in and downpoured. That kind of put a change in plans, but we went to the gym and messed around with in there for 2 hours.  My Senior sessions are 2 hours but Mason was game for everything and I’d say would you want to try this? And he’d reply with YES!  A 4 hour session with a boy is crazy. But I didn’t mind one bit.   I guess when you find someone who wants to try things and is excited about it, how can I say no?  More practice for me the better.

On the bad days when I want to pull my hair out over pain in the butt clients I will come back and read this and remember why I do this.

It Pays to be Nice

I cuss my mother because she raised me to be nice and to see the good in people. Which means I get walked all over a lot. With that being said I’ll get to my story.  I stop in at McDonald’s twice a week before work to grab a Mocha Frappe.  I know the girls in there (Always be NICE to the people who wait on you!!!!) and we always chat a little.  Well this morning I went in there and three of the workers ran up to me and gave me business cards that said I was eligible for a free small Frappe.  Let me tell you it made my day that they could have given to any of the customers but they gave them to me.  So from now until December I can get 8 free Frappe’s with the cards they gave me.  Made my day and reminded me that it does pay to be nice to people…..the good outweighs the bad.  IMG_5803[1]

Week in iPhotos 37 of 52

*Travis talking to one of the babies.  *The short time they are quiet is when they are sleeping.  *Since they are getting bigger  their litter box is getting bigger. I made a loft so they they have a little more room. *Molly and I went for a walk/job Tuesday night. It was beautiful out.  *I made sugar & cinnamon pears….TNT thought they were potatoes and was going to put pepper on them.  *Friday night I attended the wedding rehearsal for the wedding Mildred and I  shot on Saturday. *Saturday these two are getting hitched!  *My heart swelled with pride when I saw their decorations at the reception. *I even paid a $1 and danced with groom.1

Friday  night after the rehearsal I hurried back to town for the football game.  My bff’s son.

JEEZ I need to get the q-tips out to clean my camera. Yikes.IMG_5766

Sunday this little guy slept on my lap while I edited pictures. He’s my favorite….I call him Sonic and TNT calls him Mo.   I said since we have a Tails we need a Sonic. lolIMG_5794

Now that I’m (gasp) almost 35 I’ve been thinking about places I’d like to visit before I kick the bucket. Sports Wise

1. I want to go to the Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City. My friend has gone and said it’s much better on TV, but I want to go one year.  I love softball and what a better way to celebrate it than going to the world series?

2. Final Four with the Jayhawks winning it all!  Mildred and I almost went when they played in New Orleans, but we smartened up and spent our $$ on another trip. Plus they lost. :(

3. US Open (Tennis). I have been a fan of tennis for a long time, even though I’m not a very good player. I kind of wish now I had played tennis in HS since it is a lot of fun.   I did take a tennis class in college and the US Open was going on at the same time so I became a fan of the Williams sisters and Jennifer Capriati.  Here’s one for you, I have been watching the Williams girls play for 15 years….15 YEARS! How am I even old enough to be able to say 15 years. sigh.

4. Kentucky Derby. I’m not a big horse racing person, but I’ve never been around it either.  I don’t even know where the closest place to see a horse race would be. I just want to go and wear a huge hat! LOL

5. Summer Olympics. I love watching tennis, track & field, equestrian. swimming, volleyball to name a few.  I’d even hit the Winter Olympics too.

Thirteen Years Later

Where were you on this day in 2001?

I was 21 years old. I was working the 3-11 front desk shift at Days Inn so that morning I was still in bed. I slept with the radio on and I heard the news break in after the first plane hit.  I turned on the TV and just a few minutes later the second plane hit.  It was unbelievable.   I kept thinking this can’t be happening.  I dont’ think I left the TV the rest of the day.

I’ve heard people ask where were you when JFK was killed?  When the Challenger exploded? But now I can say I was here when 9/11 happened.  Things that none of us want to be able to say, but we lived through it.

I believe 9/11 made me a stronger American. It was the first real tragedy to strike. I was 15 when the OKC bombing happened, but I don’t really remember it. However, 9/11 will always be with me.


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