TBT: South Dakota Trip

Today I’m letting my mom take over the blog.  She’s recalling an incident that happened on a trip back in 1983. We traveled to the Badlands of South Dakota where we saw Mount Rushmore, Reptile Gardens and evidently it was also the same time as Sturgis……which my parents didn’t know….so we saw many bikers too. Mommy Dearest take it away!


Len, Carrie and I went to the Marine Life Aquarium in Rapid City, SD on about the 3rd morning of our vacation. The tour took us outside to a fenced in area where there were lots of seals in a large pool. We could see the trainers feeding the seals fish and watch the goofy seals as they swam around and did their tricks. They would even come right up to the chain link fence, the only thing that separated the seals from the crowd. Of course, we were always warned not to stick our hands or fingers into the fence because the seals would think we would be offering them a treat.

Carrie and I were standing close to the fence in one area, watching the seals but jumping back when they came slamming into the fence for a treat. It was fascinating to watch the seals do their tricks and it was so easy to get lost in all the activity going on. I heard this little voice below me saying, “Mommy, my shoe is stuck”. I looked down and saw that Carrie had worked her shoe under the chain link fence and couldn’t get it out so I knelt down and started working to get the shoe out of the fence. I looked up and way across the pool area, I locked eyes with one particular seal who was staring at the activity going on with Carrie. I knew instantly that seal was going to jump into the pool and quickly swim across the pool and crash into the fence in hopes that there was a fish treat…and that’s exactly what happened.

In the blink of an eye, that seal jumped into the pool and with record strength, came swimming across the pool. I was pulling on the shoe trying to get it out, but it just wouldn’t come loose. Then just as the seal started sliding across the cement into the fence I worked Carrie’s shoe out. Carrie was climbing up me like a cat climbing a tree to get away from that seal. People around us started laughing because they had seen that seal was on a mission to get the treat, even though it was a little bitty foot. Carrie never whimpered or cried but I still think she might have wet her pants a bit.

Growth Chart

I had seen on Pinterest growth charts and at the last minute decided to make one for my back to school kids.  I was afraid it was going to be a pain in the butt, but it actually was pretty easy and cheap!

When we replaced the siding on the old garage this piece was left over. It was 7 foot.



Then I just used the paint I used on the garage floor. 


I bought the numbers for $1.47 each at Walmart and the black paint too.IMG_5548


Once the paint was dry I laid out my tape measure and started my hash tags.IMG_5561

Then I used this as a straight edge to draw my lines. I used a paint marker for the black lines. $4.IMG_5562


It was then time to glue the #’s on. I used Elmer’s Wood glue I got at Walmart. I think it was under $3.IMG_5569

IMG_5565I had seen people painting the numbers right on the board, but I thought I’d add some dimension to it by using wooden numbers. IMG_5564


And the final project. Many of my b2s parents loved it!IMG_5570

 I’m pretty sure this project cost me less than $17.  I plan to use it every year since I have a bunch of return clients. This way we can see how much they have grown.  I think it’ll be fun!




Day in the Life

I’m going to start this post on Thursday night August 21st because so much what I did on Friday revolves around what I did Thurs.

Thursday August 21st: 6:00 pm I try to paint the floor in the garage once a year, but it has been a while since I last did it. And to get me motivated to paint I needed an event….back to school sessions.IMG_5535


7:00am: Everything pulled out and the floor washed and scrubbed now wait to dry.IMG_5536


10:00 pm: Floor painted. 



11:30 pm: finally crawled into bed. TNT did make supper so I didn’t have to.  But I still had to clean up the kitchen and then shower.

Friday August 22nd

9:00 am: Yep I got to sleep in and it felt so good.  

9:30 am: Started moving everything back in the garage. Then I realized I was setting up my office for my clients to come in here so I had to move things around again. 





10:45 am: I hung laundry up outside and did a little pick up in the house.

11:30 am: I decided to drive 20 miles south and then east to a town that has the best burger drive in in Kansas.  Don’s Drive-Inn.  The long lines are def worth the wait.



12:30 pm: Stopped at the flower shop that a friend of ours owns to buy balloons that I used to decorate the garage for the b2s sessions.

1:15 pm: Arrived home and ate lunch with TNT.

1:45 pm: Really wanted to take a nap, but worked on laundry and cleaned TNT’s bathroom and the laundry room.  


2:30 pm: Decided I better start on my growth chart pinterest project for B2S sessions. First I had to paint the board.



Then the numbers.



3:15 pm: Hung another load of laundry out on the line.IMG_5559


3:30 pm: The pinterest project board was dry so I started marking off the hash marks.


While I was working on that project Molly had her own going on……FIND THE MOUSE!  IMG_5568

4:15 pm: Since the kittens don’t have a mom to clean them up after they have eaten canned food I wash them up. Then I had to snuggle them.IMG_5556

4:45 pm: Decide to make one final ad for my B2S sessions.  I felt like I was overwhelming people with these ads, but I actually picked up two more clients who are loyal followers that hadn’t seen any until this ad was posted…darn FB!IMG_5543


5:30 pm: I decided since I have a bunch of printed pictures I should hang them up and show my b2s clients what I’ve been up too.  Used poster tack to hang on the wall.IMG_5571

6:00 pm: Jumped on the mower to do just the front, back and side yards where my clients could see.  I normally mow on Mon or Tues, but I wanted a fresh look.


7:15 pm: Went to make sure my numbers stuck to the board and they did!!! Then I jumped in the shower.IMG_5570




7:30 pm: Our internet in the house was down so I went out to the shop to use the computer in there to email a client.  Then the thunder started and wind came up. I had to hurry to take my laundry off the line.  It didn’t rain very long with just a few pea sized hail.




7:45 pm: After the rain I ran out to my “garden” and picked some cherry tomatoes.  

Clouds after the rain.


8:00 pm: Folded more laundry and loved on Tailey Bogs.IMG_5576


8:45 pm: started supper and TNT got home around 9:15.  He was driving tractor working summer fallow. I fed the kitties and cleaned out their cage.

9:30 pm: TNT came in the house and we sat down to eat. 


10:30 pm: Crawled into bed. 

Want me to do Saturday too? LOL This weekend was NON STOP!

Week in iPhotos 33 of 52

My work week was crazy.  The plant I work at has to fumigate every few months and it takes 3 days for the chemicals to work their magic. So I had to work four days of 10 hours.  Which isn’t a big deal, but if I was busy and had work to do it would be a lot better. LIke I’ve said before I’m only busy during Oct-Dec. I decided to do a day in the life post since when I’ve done it in the past I do a post when I’m working in town. So I’ll do one that shows what I do at home.

*On Monday TNT said my soulmate exploded in the freezer. Oops! *Thursday night I started cleaning out my garage to paint the floor.  Worked until 11:00 that night.  *Friday morning started putting everything back in. *For lunch I ran to the town 20 miles away and grabbed TNT and I lunch. So worth the drive and long wait. *Came home made one more back to school flier. *Pinterest project for back to school pics. *My garden….basically I dug a hole and planted and that’s it.  I am picking tomatoes.  Just don’t have the time for gardens these days. *This is what happens to my peonie beds when Molly thinks there is a mouse in the bricks.  *Made 48 cupcakes for my Back to school clients.  





*Jeez I must have messed up on my order……I made this Friday night for supper.  *Fur pile. Since TNT went to the lake (to hide from the circus of pictures) I had to take care of the babies.  I brought them inside. After 2 hours and 14 kids my bff and I were finally able to relax after the back to school pics.  I was exhausted.  *Shay got to feed one of the kittens that still takes a bottle. Her first time. She was in love.  *I finished my evening with a hot bubble bath. *Sunday  morning Tails was creeping closer to the babies.  By evening he didn’t hiss at them as they came close.  *Took TNT to the field. he was washing windows on the tractor.   *He even let me use him in a picture.  *Climbed on the mower for 4 hours.  2

Golden Girls

I watch many re-runs of the Golden Girls on weekend mornings and I turn to the Hallmark channel every night after TNT falls asleep. (he’d rather watch Blossom, wth?)  Now there are some things that really irritated me about the house itself.  These are the weird things that run through my mind while watching. 

This is the shot they show of the house.  However, if you think about it the garage is in the back of the kitchen to the left, yet here the garage is beside the front door. The lanai comes off the living room yet in this picture you see no lanai. Pics taken from a google search.


If they were to use the door through the kitchen to the garage you see it actually goes into the hallway where the bedrooms are.

How many of you have noticed the phallic baking pan they have on the wall?  It has changed during the series.  First it is on the wall that encloses the fridge and then it is also on the small wall by the bakers rack when they come in the kitchen. I took this pic. lol



Whoever can name this episode win’s a “I watch too many rerun episodes of the Golden Girls” award.IMG_5444

Beanie Weenie Part 2

When I was writing the post last week about Beanie I knew I had more pictures than what I was finding in my albums.  Then I got to thinking and remembered the pictures I was thinking about were probably in one of Grandma’s albums. After she passed I scanned every single picture she had in her albums and sure enough there were the pictures.

Beanie was just a tad taller than Sunny.


Looky who it is….Cassie!Untitled-1

Cassie bottle feeding Beanie and Callie observing.4

Here’s Mildred and I with Beanie when she was a heifer. She stayed tame.6

And then I saw this pic and just had to post it too because they are my favorite people! <3



My MIL told my husband that she found 3 abandoned kittens.  They had just opened their eyes and she was feeding them. TNT told me this and on Aug 7th I wanted to go see them.  The inlaws were going to leave for Denver and suggested we take them home with us. I told them no just drop them off when you leave on Saturday morning (the 9th). My mother in law asked me again if I wanted to take them home. I know how much work it is to bottle feed so I said no. Then TNT says, Yeah we’ll take them home. I was like wtf?  NO!  Well sure enough we take them home. IMG_5438

When we got home I set them up in the cat carrier and pulled out the kitten replacement milk.  I also bought a bottle for TNT to feed them with. Since I work in town TNT has to do the feedings.  And if I go in to clean their cage or feed them I get hollered at that it’s his job.  So my hard ass husband isn’t as hard ass as he’d like us all to think.

This morning he went to a meeting about selling seed and wouldn’t be able to do their noon feeding.  I told him I could feed them when I got home at 5:30. He decided that was too long for them to go (even though he leaves canned food in their pen) without a good meal so the MIL went over at noon to feed them.  sigh.


I put a litter box in there and within a day they were potty trained.  IMG_5487

I feel so bad for them. They should still be nursing and when you hold want to climb on you. They nudge you and look for a nipple.  Breaks my heart.

Once they are old enough they will go back to the in-laws farm.  With us living on a busy hwy I do not like having cats.  I get too attached. The highway and kitties do not go together. :(  



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