Sonic Posing

So evidently I have a cat who is ready for the big time.  I gave him and Spike new toys last night and I just had to video them playing.

Sonic does his thing at 30 seconds in.

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*Tuesday TNT and I went to my niece’s sr night for vball.  *Wed night I started feeling an allergic reaction coming on.  I started using a new line from Rodan and Fields and just like Proactive this product doesn’t like me either. Their other lines are great tho.  *Sonic playing with Molly’s toys.  *This made me laugh.  *Friday my eyes are a little more puffy.  *Sunday Molly found her chair had been taken over by Spike. *We got the new fridge in the kitchen. *Monday I finally decided to head to the doctor.  Got a shot, pills, and lotion.  *Fav football pic from Friday night.1

Saturday I had my display up at the Girls Day Out. It was a very slow day and I doubt I’ll do it next year.IMG_5979

Week in iPhotos 40 of 52

*Monday TNT was finishing up drilling wheat and with about 30 acres left his tractor started blowing buzzers that something was wrong. When I got home I spent the next 4 hours turning the key on and off trying to prime the new fuel pump.  It was not a pleasant evening.  *Thought for a second TNT was leaving me when he got in the pickup and drove off.  *Wednesday Sonic and Spike came with me to work.  Sonic got his first round of shots.  I can’t believe I can’t find a home for Spike he is beautiful and super sweet! *Friday I got off work at 2 and rushed to the field to drive grain cart. My inlaws left for the weekend (during harvest this is a HUGE no no) and to help TNT I tried to help the best I could.  I had an extremely grumpy husband.  *I got to ride a few rounds with him before I had to get back in the tractor.  *I may have spilled a little corn when I unloaded on the truck.  I saw it was filling up fast and I tried to pull the PTO lever and I couldn’t get it to move then I panicked and I spilled. After that I went to the football game.  *Saturday I spent 8 hours in the gym taking vball pics.  *Early Sunday morning we headed to the field and started on the corn again.  My inlaws got home at 4:00 and my MIL took over my seat in the tractor.1

Sunday night we pulled up the broken and loose tile in the kitchen.  When our fridge went crazy TNT let it thaw and the water got under the tile and ruined that area.  Of course we don’t have extra to replace it and it’s about 15 years old so we can’t order any. :(  IMG_5952


Another round of things my husband says……

Tuesday night the Royals were playing in the Wildcard game. I am not a MLB fan, but it’s been 25 years since they last made the playoffs so I had to watch.  Bottom of the 8th they were down by 4 runs.  I thought okay the game is over and I’ll turn the channel.  For some reason I kept watching and the next thing I knew it was top of the 12th inning still tied.  By this point I was into this game and cheering silently (so not to wake up TNT). Well Molly needed to go out and TNT woke up.  Then he wanted to change the channel.  I told him NO. He said I don’t like baseball. I told him I didn’t either but I had already invested over 4 hours into the game and was not going to turn it now.  He replied with how can anyone watch till almost midnight.  A commercial came on and he found something to watch on DVR.  I told him to go back to the game and he told me I should just DVR the game and watch later. Are you freaking kidding me?  By this time it was middle of the 12th with the A’s up one. No way was I going to watch a rerun of Rules of Engagement.  Middle of the 12th and turning it would be like watching a whole NASCAR race and then turning the channel on a green white checkered.  Hell no I’m not turning it.  I was about to blow my top. I took the remote and went back to the game.  Which ended with a Royal’s win.  TNT was asleep within 2 min after I took the remote.


Monday night a storm came through the area. Lots of lightning and thunder.  There was one crack of thunder that scared the crap out of TNT and I and just about put us through the roof. I got to thinking about a time when I was about 10. We were still on the farm and a really bad storm moved in.  Mildred and I were piled in Mom & Dad’s bed and of course I had to go to the bathroom. So mom walked with me since the electricity was off and it was super dark.  I was sitting on the pot when a lightning strike hit our barn. I can still see the spark fly. I took off running to mom & dad’s bedroom. Just as I was running through the dining room another strike hit in front of the house and my mom who was standing at the front door jumped back and into the path of me.  She thought she’d been hit by lightning as hard as I plowed into her.

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My sister told me she doesn’t like it when I’m busy because I can’t blog.  So here I am should be cooking and instead I’m doing a post.

*Wednesday night I mowed the farm.  Since it is getting darker earlier I had to turn on the lights.  *I took Thurs and Fri off work and on Thurs I messed with the three cats as they tried to sleep.  *Thurs night I went to my nephew’s 8th grade football game.  They got smoked. *Fri morning TNT had me on the tractor bright and early.  *I was moving the wheat drills to another field for TNT.  *Fri night I drove 150 miles south to watch my bff’s son play football.  I had 5 players I was taking pictures of. *I didn’t take pics iwth my phone, but I was at my niece’s vball tourney all day Saturday.  On the way home I stopped at a locally own grocery store and bought my husband these babies. lolNine_Square_Grid*Sunday morning I was up by 7:00 and we started filling the drills.  *after 8 hours of editing I had to take TNT to the elevator to get the cleaned wheat.  These are Kansas skyscrapers.  *Beautiful evening.  *Late Sun afternoon I put in the VM movie.  *And finally these guys watched me edit.blog template 8

Thurs before the fball game I stopped to see my good friend Derek. Him and his partner came back to KS from DC to see Derek’s gma.  Derek and I have been friends for 17 years.  He started out being the athletic trainer for my hs bball team, then we started working at Dairy Queen together where we became fast friend.  I love him to pieces.  IMG_5876




I’m a softy. TNT is a softy and we just can part with this little guy who we had to bottle feed for 3 weeks since he refused to eat on his own. He also would meow very loudly whenever he saw us.

How can you not love this face? Oh yea, when he’s climbing up my leg while I’m wearing shorts. November can not come early enough for those claws to come out.  I have to buy all new curtains. Little SOB’s.

What does Tails think of him? This was Sunday.  Last night Sonic walked by Tails and Tails grabbed him and started licking his face.  I melted.

IMG_5852So what’s with the name?  Back in the 90’s there was a cartoon and Sega video game called Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic had a sidekick named Tails and the boy I was dating at the time was obsessed with that cartoon. So I suggested Tails.  Ever since I have sworn if I ever got another cat I’d name him Sonic. And now we have Sonic. TNT is bound and determined to name him Mo, but I refuse.  He named Molly and it is my turn at naming.


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