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You all are going to be sick of pictures after you read this post. Busy Busy Busy!

*This pretty much sums up each day in Kansas March until now.  Every day it is different. *Tuesday Sonic had 1/2 price drinks all day so I treated everyone I work with to a cherry limeade. *And this is what I went home too.  Anyone want to loan us some $$? :(  *Wednesday the dirt was blowing.  You’d think it was a pretty day, but look just above the green wheat. That is blowing dust. *Spring flowers that died with the freeze Wed. night. *Friday was the Art Walk.  Saw many people and handed out a lot of information for my senior pictures, business cards and magnets.  I sold two sessions and since it was a free show (only spent $60 on pictures) I made some $$. I was very pleased.  *Saturday morning our friends from Colorado came out to build a wildlife waterer.  I’ll do a big post about this later.  Here they were digging the holes with the widow maker. lol  *The frame is up and pits are in the ground and yep that is me working!! *I also took time to play with this sweetie.  Our friends’ new pup Morgan. 1


*Finish product. *We ate lunch out in the field and drank one or three adult beverages. Which helped me take a 3 hour nap Saturday. Woke up around 5 and headed back to the inlaws house for supper. *Got home around 9 and baked this chocolate angel food cake.  *Decorated the cake Sunday morning. *Made the Cadbury trifle.  *My sister and I heading over to the inlaws place. My mom and sister partied at the inlaws house for Easter lunch.  *Mildred and I went on a nature walk around the inlaws farm and found a nesting owl. Pictures will come later, but OMG it was awesome!!  *We headed home around 3:30 and my dad was already there setting up his frier for the turkey. *Mildred and I were bored so we went on yet another nature walk and found these blooming bushes. *My pretty sister following me. *After supper we went on a Jeep ride.2


*I gave my dad my phone and told him to take pictures. This is what he came up with.  I love TNT’s eye in the 2nd pic. LOL *I saw a junk pile and had to go investigate and thought this old tree was neat.www.thealbumcafe.com


*No rain for us, but east of us they were getting a good shower.IMG_4076



6:30am: Wake up 15 min before my first alarm goes off.  Tails is already waiting for me in the bathroom to feed him.




6:35 am: This is the reason I have to get up 10 minutes earlier. I use Rodan & Fields products morning and night. After I’m done with that I do my hair, get dressed then my makeup.  Makeup is last since I have to let the last product dry before I can apply the goop.


6:50am: Pulled the Terrain out of the garage and fed Molly and gave her some treats.


Fed the fish after Molly and realize I have a floater. Well a sinker, but you know belly up fish.



6:55am: Try to get Molly out of bed. Then hug her and give her kisses when I make her go out to the garage.  Kiss the hubs good bye then head to town.IMG_3996


7:00am: Pull out of the yard and see it is 32 degrees. :(



7:15am: Arrive in town and run to Walmart for Easter supplies.


7:30am: Head to McDonald’s for breakfast. Usually I eat cereal at home, but since I was in a hurry to get some shopping done before work I skipped it at home.



7:45am: Walk up the stairs to my office. And spread out my artery clogging breakfast.



7:55am: I notice I have missed a lot of the fb messages between all you ladies!! LOL 52 messages to be exact. So I catch up with that and play a little Farm Hero’s Saga before my boss comes in.



8:15am: I start on the inventory from the day before.  Same routine every single morning.




10:15am: My boss went on her monthly walk through the plant so that means for 2 hours I can do my own thing which included editing pictures from the baseball game I attended on Tuesday.IMG_3989


11:30am: My stomach was telling me I was about to starve to death so I had spinach, tomatoes, turkey lunch meat, Parmesan cheese and Olive Garden dressing for lunch. IMG_3991


12:30pm: My boss headed out for her lunch so I finished watching season 2 of Scandal on Netflix. Anyone else watch that show? OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  I should mention here that from Jan-September it is super slow at work and I wouldn’t watch Netflix or edit pictures if I actually had work to do! I apologize to Dwight for being a time thief!

2:30 pm: Sit down at the shredder and work on this never ending project of shredding 20 years worth of paperwork.  I’m down to the last five years so I am making progress.



3:30pm: Grab the scale tickets from the Receiving department and enter all truck loads that came to our plant today. Also voucher all AP invoices that arrived during the day.IMG_3997[1]


4:30pm: Call TNT and make sure he is coming to town to help me set up my display for the Art Walk.  Hear him grumble about it but then remind him that I was going to do it all on my own, but HE was the one who suggested he help me.

5:05pm: Head downtown to the business where I am going to set up my booth.

5:07pm: Walk in the door of said business.

5:08pm: Want to run for the hills after I see the mess that was supposed to be cleaned up before I arrived.

5:09pm: Explain to a grumbling husband that we have to help move all the junk out of the store front so I can set up the display.

5:50pm: Leave without finishing display because I was so pissed. Head home. At least the sky was pretty.


6:15pm:  Arrive home. Grab a bag of Doritos and watch a March episode of Parenthood in  hopes they improve my mood.

6:45pm: They didn’t. :( Pull up Home Depot & Menards and try to find retaining wall stones and cement edging to match for our landscape project.

7:30pm: TNT comes in the house and he told me the ribs he’d been cooking on the grill still had a while to cook. I gather some more items that I need for the display.

7:45pm: Decide I need to clean house and get all the floors swept and clutter put away.

8:15pm: Shower and get back on Home Depot & Menards websites and cuss that the retaining wall stones and edging don’t match. You know they HAVE to match when you have OCD.

8:45pm: Supper is ready.



9:15pm: Sit down in the basement to read my book, but end up watching Impractical Jokers until 10 when I finally went to bed.  Grrrrrr!!!

10:00pm: My mind wouldn’t shut down from being so pissed all week and I finally turned on Fraiser and fell asleep around 10:45. Not that Fraiser is boring…I love that show…but it’s what I watched until I fell asleep.

I might add I’m normally in bed by 9, but some nights it doesn’t go that way.

PS…..I woke up still pissed off and this day isn’t getting any better. :(










Check out this foxy lady. That’s my paternal grandmother at 16!  IMG_2603

All About Me

After yesterdays post I realized I never showed off the pictures my cousin/friend/fellow photog Kristy took of me last Fall.


Let’s just say I am much more comfortable behind the camera.  I was all nervous and doing the weird giggle I do when I am uncomfortable.  But the thing was Kristy was nervous too!



This is the same ally from yesterdays pictures, but we took these pictures about an hour before sunset as where the pictures TNT and I took were at noon.



Me and my baby.  Love this lens so much!



Pulled out my “smoldering” look. LOL  Or what I think a smoldering look would be.  I’ve never been good at posing myself.



And why did I cut my hair off? :(


If you’ve been around my blog for very long you know how much my husband hates pictures. Normally we only do pictures once a year for our Christmas card. But last Fall when TNT’s cousin and I met up for some pictures for her and I to use for our business she took me to this great ally.  Ever since I’ve wanted to take pictures there with TNT. I’m sure you can guess how excited for this he was.  When we got married our deal was if he smiled and behaved for our wedding pictures I’d agree to a wedding dance.  Well he didn’t hold up on his end of the deal and so I have a bunch of pictures where his one eye brow is raised and his eyes half closed. After 6 years I decided we’d try again for some new pictures on the wall.  Didn’t go so well!

I knew it was going to be a huge fight, but I don’t understand why he can’t just give a nice smile and then we are done! That’s it! But nope, “I hate pictures” and I”m going to be an ass the whole time is what I see/hear. So I set up the tripod and remote for this shoot.  You be the judge of how well this went!



So this is the look I end up getting on his end.  And then I look at me and realize my arm is as straight as a board. I constantly tell clients to bend that elbow, bend that knee and here I am straight as a board. Oh well. This one is SOOC.

Update: My mentor just told me this pose is very modely so the stiff arm is okay since my shoulder is turned. Who knew! LOL



I’m thankful for Photoshop because I pulled TNT’s head from another picture onto this one and then tamed my wind blown hair some. 6thann_0050


At first I didn’t like the meters on the left, but we are in an ally so they kind of fit.6thann_0026




And I’m going to call this our best shot. I plan to print it 20×30 for my wall. As good as it gets I guess.


*Picking out an anniversary card for the husband and came across this religious one! I may have snorted in the card aisle. *Started on a landscaping project in the yard.  *This week was beautiful and I worked on my trees one night. I hooked up the irrigation line and had a big leak. Pain to fix, but pretty in the sun.  *I was looking on Pinterest for Easter dessert ideas and came across this one. OMG!  *Molly photobombed my flower picture. *flower picture. *Thursday night I planted blue spruce trees and found this little wiggly guy. *One of 8 trees I planted.  *Saturday we traveled to Central KS for a birthday party. We stopped in Salina and took some anniversary pictures in an ally downtown.  1


Out of order, but Friday I received a graduation announcement from one of my clients. Love seeing these!  *Saturday night we had a fancy gathering for TNT’s Uncle who had a surprise 70th bday party.  He had no clue.  I got to rub elbows with a Kansas Senator and other State officials. I was important….I guess. ;)
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Happy Anniversary to this guy. Hard to believe 6 years have flown by. IMG_3956Beautiful sky on Thursday night.  In the 80′s and on Sunday it was 21 degrees windchill. :(IMG_3944

Musk Thistle




I guess these should fall under Throw Back Thursday, but I’ll also categorize them as Down Memory Lane since they are things that I never want to forget.

I’ve mentioned before that growing up on a farm is far from growing up in a city.  One of our favorite summer activities was to go digging the noxious weed musk thistle. When it first invaded our country side the story that was told was a lady visiting Asia thought it was the most beautiful flower so she took one head and brought it back here to the US.  One head (flower) can contain up to 1200 seeds and the plant can produce 120,000 or more seeds in one growing season.  It’s no wonder this weed has such high populations in some areas.  When it hit our area we worked our hiney’s off to get it out of the pastures.  I’ve seen it take over pastures.


Instead of spraying the plants like many farmers do we would remove these plants from the ground manually. This was labor intensive task since Kansas doesn’t receive much rain.  We’d dig and dig in the hard dirt to get the roots of this plant out.  In the picture below my grandma and sister are posing beside a 5’4″ plant.  That’s how tall my gma was so that’s a good sized plant.

The first step in musk thistle hunting is to find the plant.  Some are easy to see, but then others they slip by unseen for weeks.  This plant in the picture below we probably drove by it 50 times and never noticed it.  They camouflage so well into the scenery that they are easy to miss.  During this first step it was an all out war between Mildred and I as to who can find the musk thistle. It would get dirty.  To this day I can remember getting so angry when Mildred would yell out, “THERE’S ONE!!!” before me. Grrrr

Second step in musk thistle hunting is we’d measure it like gma is in the picture.  Sometimes we’d find them 6 foot tall.

Third step in musk thistle hunting would be to carefully remove each head from the plant.  Grandma always kept a grocery bag behind the seat in her pickup just for gathering these flowers.  Sometimes you’d find a flower that had started to dry and release its seeds.  You would then see 3 girls down on their hands and knees picking up each seed we could find.  Once we got back home my gma would throw the heads into a bucket with gas.  She’d then burn the bucket once it was full.  There was no way those seeds would ever be able to sprout.

The fourth step of musk thistle hunting is to dig out the plant.  With little rain fall we have to dig pretty hard to get the root out.  You don’t want to cut the plant off at ground level because it can continue to grow so you need to get that root.

Once you have those steps finished you can go on to the next plant.

This is probably my favorite picture because it screams to me exactly what summers with grandma were like.  I loved this time.  Untitled-3In the county I live in now most people don’t do much to eradicate this from their pastures.  Now this is what makes me see red when a farmer will spray the musk thistle after it has already headed out. Meaning even though they sprayed the plant and it dies the seeds that were on the plant are still able to reproduce.


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