It Pays to be Nice

I cuss my mother because she raised me to be nice and to see the good in people. Which means I get walked all over a lot. With that being said I’ll get to my story.  I stop in at McDonald’s twice a week before work to grab a Mocha Frappe.  I know the girls in there (Always be NICE to the people who wait on you!!!!) and we always chat a little.  Well this morning I went in there and three of the workers ran up to me and gave me business cards that said I was eligible for a free small Frappe.  Let me tell you it made my day that they could have given to any of the customers but they gave them to me.  So from now until December I can get 8 free Frappe’s with the cards they gave me.  Made my day and reminded me that it does pay to be nice to people…..the good outweighs the bad.  IMG_5803[1]

Week in iPhotos 37 of 52

*Travis talking to one of the babies.  *The short time they are quiet is when they are sleeping.  *Since they are getting bigger  their litter box is getting bigger. I made a loft so they they have a little more room. *Molly and I went for a walk/job Tuesday night. It was beautiful out.  *I made sugar & cinnamon pears….TNT thought they were potatoes and was going to put pepper on them.  *Friday night I attended the wedding rehearsal for the wedding Mildred and I  shot on Saturday. *Saturday these two are getting hitched!  *My heart swelled with pride when I saw their decorations at the reception. *I even paid a $1 and danced with groom.1

Friday  night after the rehearsal I hurried back to town for the football game.  My bff’s son.

JEEZ I need to get the q-tips out to clean my camera. Yikes.IMG_5766

Sunday this little guy slept on my lap while I edited pictures. He’s my favorite….I call him Sonic and TNT calls him Mo.   I said since we have a Tails we need a Sonic. lolIMG_5794

Now that I’m (gasp) almost 35 I’ve been thinking about places I’d like to visit before I kick the bucket. Sports Wise

1. I want to go to the Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City. My friend has gone and said it’s much better on TV, but I want to go one year.  I love softball and what a better way to celebrate it than going to the world series?

2. Final Four with the Jayhawks winning it all!  Mildred and I almost went when they played in New Orleans, but we smartened up and spent our $$ on another trip. Plus they lost. :(

3. US Open (Tennis). I have been a fan of tennis for a long time, even though I’m not a very good player. I kind of wish now I had played tennis in HS since it is a lot of fun.   I did take a tennis class in college and the US Open was going on at the same time so I became a fan of the Williams sisters and Jennifer Capriati.  Here’s one for you, I have been watching the Williams girls play for 15 years….15 YEARS! How am I even old enough to be able to say 15 years. sigh.

4. Kentucky Derby. I’m not a big horse racing person, but I’ve never been around it either.  I don’t even know where the closest place to see a horse race would be. I just want to go and wear a huge hat! LOL

5. Summer Olympics. I love watching tennis, track & field, equestrian. swimming, volleyball to name a few.  I’d even hit the Winter Olympics too.

Thirteen Years Later

Where were you on this day in 2001?

I was 21 years old. I was working the 3-11 front desk shift at Days Inn so that morning I was still in bed. I slept with the radio on and I heard the news break in after the first plane hit.  I turned on the TV and just a few minutes later the second plane hit.  It was unbelievable.   I kept thinking this can’t be happening.  I dont’ think I left the TV the rest of the day.

I’ve heard people ask where were you when JFK was killed?  When the Challenger exploded? But now I can say I was here when 9/11 happened.  Things that none of us want to be able to say, but we lived through it.

I believe 9/11 made me a stronger American. It was the first real tragedy to strike. I was 15 when the OKC bombing happened, but I don’t really remember it. However, 9/11 will always be with me.

Week in iPhotos 35 of 52

Yep I’m late getting this posted.  I thought July was busy? Nothing compared to September. And I don’t see an end until Dec.


*I bought this shirt for TNT to wear for every day and for some reason he wouldn’t wear it. lol I do tho.  *Watched Serena Williams win her 3 straight US Open.  *Thursday headed to Garden City to watch my friends’ daughter play. When I arrived I had 3 mothers wanting to book so I had 4 girls on the floor at once. Talk about snapping my shutter like crazy! *Messin with Molly Sue. *Anyone want new babies to come live with them?  *They are so sweet!  *I have two pumpkins on my very large plants. :(1


Friday night football is back in action.  I had 3 boys on the field all the time. My friend Susan’s son always has my camera on him but this year I have so many paying clients that Brady doesn’t get as many shots.  Very happy I got this one of him though.  chs.vs


I didn’t become a bookworm until middle school when R.L. Stine books were the best EVER!  My mom so happy that I was actually reading that she’d buy a new book on each trip to the store.  My love for books has continued.  My regular authors are Patricia Cornwell, Michael Connelly, Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Bond Elin Hilderbrand and Tasmina Perry to name a few.  I use to be a big James Patterson fan, but his Alex Cross books have lost what drew me to them…I still read the books he partners with other authors with though. 

Anyway, my love for books comes naturally as my mom and my Grandma on my mom’s side use to be in a book club.  They would receive 5 books a month and those books would be read right away.  My Grandma still has all those books in her basement. So everytime I go visit her I bring back a huge stack of books.  

When Mildred had her second knee surgery I picked up a book that looked decent at Walgreens to read at the hospital. It was the newest release from Catherine Anderson and mom mentioned that she use to read Anderson’s books back in the 80’s. She said they were AMAZING!   So the next time I went to gma’s I went through her books and sure enough I found the Comanche Moon 3 book series.  And I was hooked.  I have now read most of Catherine Anderson’s books.  I really liked the Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan series and also the historical Coulter series.  I love reading about families and revisiting previous characters in the new books.



Then there is the Daughters of the South Wind which is the first of this eight book series.  Not only has my gma, mom and I read this series but Mildred is now hooked on it too.  I find myself dreaming about these books.  IMG_5628

I am on the third book of the Holt Family and I can not put it down.  I also realized there is a whole bunch of books before the first one in this series that starts at the beginning on how the family even made it to Oregon.  I will start with those if my library has them.


Oh and hey mom….Tasmina Perry’s new book is out! It’ll be here Sept 9th! :)


Growing up out clothes were always hung on the line.  I can remember hanging laundry with my mom, and both grandma’s.  My mom had a huge clothes line probably 45′ double wired.  She’d even hang clothes out during the winter on nice days. So one would think since I grew up with line dried laundry I’d love it, but I don’t like the scent or the stiffness of the clothes.  I like my towels to be soft not scratchy.

Here I am impatiently waiting for my blankie to dry.IMG_5710[1]


I have mentioned on instagram that I hate the smell of line dried clothing.  I should probably lose my farm wife card because isn’t that an essential part of living on the farm?


I have made liquid laundry soap since 2010 and I will never go back. I do not like a fragrance with my soap, but I do add fabric softener for just a little scent. One time when we were on vacation we spent the last night doing laundry in the free laundromat the hotel had and I had bought a small bottle of Tide. I couldn’t stand the strong fragrance. You don’t notice it until you go back to using a name brand then it’s like overload on my nose.   Back to my story, my husband thinks that since the clothes do not have a strong fragrance then they are not clean.

When I first started doing TNT’s laundry back in 2005 he was working at a fertilizer plant. He got dirty, but the company supplied dark shirts and he wore jeans and work boots all the time.  He got dirty, but you really couldn’t see just how dirty.  Then he started the tool business and he didn’t get nearly as dirty. However, he now farms full time and wears shorts and tennis shoes which mean his socks take a brutal beating.  He walks in mud over his ankles on a daily basis so no matter what I do his socks do not come clean. He also will not wear black socks. :(  He has a bunch of white t-shirts that he wears and they are not white anymore.  I can bleach the fibers out of them and they will never be white again. And it is all my fault that the clothes are not clean….my damn laundry soap is what he thinks doesn’t get his clothes clean. Even though I have explained he gets so dirty he doesn’t get it.

So that is why I am now hanging our clothes on the line.  Good old fashion sun bleaching.



I have noticed since I’ve been hanging clothes on the line I get them folded and to the drawer faster. As soon as I get them off the line I fold. Rather than sitting in the dryer until I do another load.  So I guess that is a plus to hanging the laundry out.

I started out using regular clothes pins, but they are so cheaply made now that they come apart easily.  Irritates me. So I found the clothespins my Gma used. They are so much better.  They are not made like the really tough ones my gma had, but they are much better than the squeeze and clip ones.  I got these on Amazon….200 for $22.




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