Wheat Straw

Since we don’t have the equipment to make a bale we have to do some manual labor.  If you don’t know what a bale is find out more here! I don’t use very much so it would be silly to have a baler just for the little I do need.  I use it in my garden, flowerbeds and in my tree row.  During harvest my FIL made windrows with the wheat straw so I could go in and pick it up.

Last night TNT and I finally got around to doing this.  I was going to do it on my own, but TNT decided to help a little.  Mainly he grumbled the whole time.  Anyway, the left picture shows the windrows and the right picture shows TNT using the skid steer and grapple bucket.


He gets the straw into a big pile then loads it on my redneck dump trailer.  Which was an anniversary gift! lol

Check out that sky! <3



I then back the trailer up to the opening in the barn and dump the straw out.5


We did three loads of straw.  TNT used the skid steer to push up the straw as I pulled it into the barn by hand with a pitchfork. There was a LOT of straw.  The most we’ve had since we started doing this. I think this is my 3rd time.

Here is the barn before I started putting straw in there.  I think this building is around 25 feet long.6


And here it is full of straw.  I stacked it almost to the roof.


Crazy busy is what June 30 until last night has been.  Harvest then jump into photo sessions.


*TNT told me he doesn’t like clients coming into our house (which I don’t blame him one bit) so I started looking for alternatives and found this super cute 10×20 cabin. However TNT said we’ll come up with something else.  By the time we insulate, wire and sheetrock we could fix up a building for the cost of what this would be.  But it’s so darn cute! *Molly got her Bark Box. *Sunflowers in bloom. *Thursday night I went to my bff’s son’s baseball game. They put on one hell of a show.  With 6 outs left they came from 8 down to win 13-12.  It was awesome! *Friday night TNT and I went to the demo derby.  *Afterwards we went to his buddy Bob’s house and this was hanging on his garage. It’s dirty, but made me laugh!  *Saturday  morning took a 6 month old’s session. *Sat night my niece’s senior pics.  These are all shots of my computer so they look much better in real life.1


Favorite pictures of the week.  My friend Lacey taught me about back focusing and it has changed my sports pictures. I’m in LOVE!  I would have missed some of this if I didn’t use back focus.Legion2_0379

The kid on top is a 220 3rd place state wrestling finisher and  the pitcher might weigh in at 150.  Luckily both were unhurt.

Blooming Time

I have a little project going on for the company I work with. We contract sunflower acres so I started taking pictures weekly. The first time I visited the field the seeds were beginning to shoot up a little seedling.  Then last night when I stopped by the field I found it in bloom!


Mildred came out last Friday night for supper and I made a new recipe.  It called for artichokes, but I kept calling them avocados even though I bought artichokes.  Mildred was all confused because to her avocados should be green and these are not green.  She even asked me a few times what they were. Mildred was just so confused as to what I making with these items that don’t look like avocados.  Finally she looked at the can and said ARTICHOKES!!!!!!!! Then I felt stupid and she told me I had to blog this!IMG_5271

Bark Box Month 2

Molly’s Bark Box showed up on Monday and as soon as I set it on the floor she was all over it.


Something is in there for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG_5310


Another toy that I can destroy! Loopsies Fish Bones Toy $15.IMG_5315


Mr. Barksmith’s Pina Colada Smoothie $2  You freeze this and pop in a bowl for your pooch to eat on a hot day.IMG_5318


Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats $10IMG_5319


Healthy Dogma Coconut Flavor Barkers $8IMG_5316


Etta Says Duck Chew $4IMG_5317


The goods!IMG_5325


This Bark Box couldn’t have arrived at a better time!!  Mildred and I were playing with Molly on Sunday and I accidently poked Molly in the eye.  By Sunday night she couldn’t keep it open and it was watering really bad. I felt horrible.  You can see in this pic that her eye is still not open all the way, but by Tuesday she was back to normal.



* didn’t take my first picture with my phone until Thursday  night when I went to a HS baseball game.  That isn’t to say I wasn’t clicking my camera non-stop for my Xmas in July mini’s all week. *Friday night after work TNT let me use his mini tractor to mow the 2 acres at the old place. A 4 hour job was cut to 45 min. :) *Saturday I helped TNT replace an O ring on his sprayer.  *I hear the guy who drives that big rig is H-O-T-T! *Sunday I rode with TNT in the combine while he finished up the terraces.  The ground along the terraces was way too muddy when they did the field the first time.  *View from the cab. *TNT and I! *After the combine ride he put me to work driving tractor.1


Sweeping fields when I should be sweeping my house.



Took Becca’s senior pics on Saturday night and worked on them Sunday.


It’s been a while since I talked about my husbands’ husbanisms.

To say the last two weeks during wheat harvest have been trying is an understatement.  My husband has been super grouchy. Sometimes it’s best just to leave him alone than to poke the bear…you know what I’m saying.  Anyway, on Friday night a storm was moving in and we were putting the wheat into a bin on the farm rather than take it to town because that wheat will be our seed wheat when we drill in September.  It takes longer to unload a semi trailer than if he went to the elevator to dump.    This job takes two people since one runs the auger and another person has to spray malathion on the wheat to kill all the bugs since it’ll be stored in a bin.  TNT’s parents were finishing up cutting the wheat in the fields so I helped TNT with spraying the seed wheat. We unloaded 5 semi trailers and finally got to the house at 11:30.  You think bedtime right? NOPE! Since I’d been out in the field I couldn’t do the stuff I needed to do in the house. I still had a lot to do to get ready for my Senior Rep sessions on Saturday and then a few things left to gather for the Xmas mini’s that started on Sunday.  Plus clean my lenses and camera.

You know what my husband did? He helped me….he unloaded the dishwasher, cooked the sausage for the cheese dip, cleaned up the kitchen and even cleaned up a place where Tails had puked.  I couldn’t believe it.  While I was running around cleaning house and getting things ready my husband actually helped me.   I didn’t realize it but he even assembled the cheese dip in the crock pot WITH a crock pot liner.  The next morning he even plugged in the cheese dip and it was almost all melted when I got out of bed at 8.

He made dealing with his super bad mood the last two weeks much better with just a little bit of effort to help me.



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